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Heraeus Noblelight A Powerful Partner

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High energy UV light purifies and disinfects water, air and surfaces, long term and reliably. The use of chemicals can be reduced or totally eliminated. All this makes UV disinfection and oxidation one of the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly processes and one which is increasingly being used in innovative applications. Ultraviolet Light Heraeus Noblelight offers High power longlife amalgam lamps Low pressure lamps Medium pressure lamps BlueLight disinfection modules for surfaces BlueLight Excimer systems Lamps for photochemistry Longlife Amalgam Lamps Heraeus understands...

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Ultraviolet Light Effective and Versatile Ultraviolet light is very flexible in its application, for example in the treatment of water, air or surfaces. This type of disinfection reliably reduces pathogens and the germ count e. g. in water – and offers an economical and environmentally friendly alternative to chemical processes. There is no need for the addition of chemicals and there is no detrimental environmental impact as there are no chemical residuals. Moreover, chlorine-resistant pathogens such as cryptosporidium can be killed with UV light. The benefit: resistance to UV light cannot...

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Visible light Effective spectrum and spectrum of a low pressure lamp Relative units Hg Mercury Lamp spectral irradiance Cell Deactivation spectral action The Best Materials and Technologies Heraeus Noblelight can call on the high quality quartz glass and precious metals of the Heraeus Group. This ensures the high quality of all Heraeus lamps and enables new developments to satisfy special requirements. Custom-Built Lamps – Tailored To Your Application Heraeus Noblelight is your UV specialist with the expertise and experience in all areas relating to disinfection and oxidation of water, air...

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Longlife Amalgam Lamps High Power Lamps With Twice The Operating Life Longlife Amalgam lamps are extremely long life, high power, low pressure lamps. They deliver up to ten times the UV power density of classic mercury low pressure lamps and can be used even at high ambient temperatures of up to 90º Celsius. Moreover, amalgam lamps are insensitive to temperature fluctuations. In addition, their unique coating ensures that they do not suffer the unwanted transmission loss of quartz glass associated with conventional UV lamps. The result is a virtually constant disinfection action over the...

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Power comparisons between UV lamps Amalgam lamp, 120 W, synthetic quartz glass Amalgam lamp, 120 W, natural quartz glass Hg low pressure lamp, 40 W, synthetic quartz glass Hg low pressure lamp, 40 W, natural quartz glass Amalgam Point/Goldspot UV output in Watt @ 185 nm The UV power comparison relates to lamps with the same illuminated length of 800 mm and the same tube diameter of 15 mm If the lamp tube is made of synthetic glass, VUV radiation is also emitted at a wavelength of 185 nm. This can be increased by a suitable combination of quartz material and lamp technology, so that, with...

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Classical low pressure UV lamps offer exceptional efficiency. 40 % of the electrical power can be used for disinfection as UVC radiation at 254 nm. If synthetic quartz glass is used as the lamp material, UV radiation at 185 nm is also emitted for oxidation processes. Low pressure UV lamps find particular application in the disinfection of water, air and surfaces in the food and beverage industry and also in waterworks, air conditioning and water sewage treatment plants. Three types of lamps are available, in different lengths and with various pinches and connectors: Classic mercury low...

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Classic low pressure lamps Ozone-free Spectrum: wavelength Illuminated length Electrical power Ozone-free lamps Spectral radiation strength (relative units) 1 at 185 nm, natural quartz glass synthetic quartz glass Ambient application temperature Ozone-generating lamps, natural quartz glass Operating life Spectral radiation strength (relative units) High-output low pressure lamps Spectrum: wavelength Illuminated length Electrical power Ozone-generating lamps, synthetic quartz glass Typical efficiency at 185 nm, natural quartz glass Spectral radiation strength (relative units) 1 Typical...

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Medium Pressure Lamps

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Technical Data – Medium Pressure Lamps Standard MP Lamps High Performance MP Lamps Particularly suitable for Power range Tube diameter Surface temperature Typical operating life Effective spectral range Specific electrical power Specific radiation Illuminated length Medium pressure UV lamps have a broad and pronounced peak line spectrum in the ultraviolet and visible light spectral range. They are suitable for UV disinfection and UV oxidation – as well as photochemical processes. Typical Spectrum of Standard MP Lamps Their high radiation flux allows very good disinfection within a compact...

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Operationally Ready Solutions For Surface Disinfection: BlueLight® UV Disinfection Systems BlueLight® BlueLight modules are operationally ready systems for the disinfection of surfaces. They consist of an air-cooled UV cassette, including electricity supply. The UV cassette is equipped with UV Amalgam Lamps and emits an intensive cold UV radiation, which is especially suitable for the disinfection of heat-sensitive packaging materials. Disinfection using BlueLight UV radiation is an economical solution, requiring very low capital- and operating costs. Thanks to their compact design, they...

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Excimer Lamps and Modules Different BlueLight Excimer Systems Intensity 172 nm BlueLight Excimer Lamps Excimer systems are mercury-free UV lamps, which deliver UV radiation with a monochromatic characteristic. The narrow band UV radiation in a single spectral line and the capability to choose specific wavelengths allow photo processes to be highly focused and broaden specific application of UV emitters. Moreover, no heat is generated as Excimer UV lamps produce no infrared radiation. Consequently, Excimer lamps find particular application in specific industrial processes and in chemistry,...

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