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Infrared Systems for powder coating on metals

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Infrared Systems for powder coating on metals Efficient processes with gas catalytic and electrical infrared

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Gas Catalytic Infrared Heat - Good to Know Gas catalytic infrared emitters convert natural gas or propane into medium to long wave infrared by using a special platinum catalyst. The only by-products are water and carbon dioxide. This flameless catalytic reaction produces controllable surface temperatures of the emitters between 175 ° C and 480 ° C without the release of NOx gases (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide) or carbon monoxide. The radiation intensity can be varied infinitely between 20% - 100% of the available output. Infrared heat transfers energy and generates heat where it is...

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Gas catalytic IR system helps rim refurbishment company increase output A double Gas Catalytic IR system from Heraeus Noblelight has enabled Elite Rim Repair of Plainview NY to increase output by 50%. The company is a leader in the rim refurbishment industry and supply high quality factory wheels, rims and a complete wheel refurbishment service to dealerships, body shops and individual customers. Continued growth led the company to approach Heraeus Noblelight for advice on how to increase production capacity and further improve their already high quality standards. After an initial...

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Gas catalytic infrared oven triples production of powder coated rims Snider Fleet Solutions from Greensboro, USA, operates an auto and truck rim and wheel refurbishing business, which utilizes a dedicated powder coating line to prime and coat the rims and wheels. Until a couple of years ago, the company used an overhead conveyor system and single convection oven to powder coat its parts. This limited production to 3,000 wheels per month. The company soon realized that it needed much more capacity to continue meeting demand, which was mainly because a growing percentage of parts were now...

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Infrared heat for the gelling and curing of powder coating on alloy wheels A global supplier for aluminum rims for the automotive industry uses infrared heat for powder coating on alloy wheels for cars. At the company the gelling and curing process of the powder coating was done conventionally by convection ovens. Due to their program of innovating the production, they looked for improvement. Today powder coating is done by tailor made CIR® Carbon infrared systems of Heraeus Noblelight. Compared to convection system that was used before, the new system offers more possibilities. Convection...

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Application examples: Powder coating on metal Gas catalytic and electrical infrared systems are exactly adjusted to the heating process and are particularly suitable for the curing of coatings. See below for a number of application examples. New Powder Coating System Reduces Costs and Improves Quality A gas catalytical infrared oven for the refurbishment of gas cylinders allows for bigger capacities and greater reliability for the customer. QRC® Infrared Emitters Help To Improve The Quality of Motor Vehicle Suspension Springs Electrical infrared system improves the coating quality of...

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Infrared heat transfers energy and generates heat where it is needed. PLC controlled gas catalytical infrared ovens are precisely designed to match the thermal process application. This saves energy, improves process stability and increases capacity and quality. With our Application Center we offer all our customers the opportunity to answer important questions, from a practical viewpoint. Competent, technically experienced employees carry out and monitor the tests. ■ Customers can bring along their own parts and coatings for trials ■ Facility for powder or wet spray ■ Ability to handle...

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Profit from the acknowledged Heraeus quality - the proven twin tube design with a unique length of up to 6.5 meters - contoured emitters, which are shaped to match the geometry of your work piece - the new QRC® emitter, with its nano reflector for stable heating processes under aggressive ambient conditions. Convince yourself personally of the efficiency of infra-red emitters for your process in our Application Centers. Make use of our expertise and experience to optimize your production process and realize real competitive advantage. We reserve the right to change pictures and technical...

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