Infrared Systems for Plastic Welding - 8 Pages

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Infrared Systems for Plastic Welding

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Infrared Systems for Plastic Welding Targeted heat for efficient processing

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Technical Information Heating for plastics Infrared radiation is transferred without contact and generates heat directly within the product. Consequently, it is superior to conventional methods such as heating by means of contact plates. In addition, unlike contact plate welding, there is no hot plastic left on the heating source. So plastic parts can be welded together in a way which is reproducible every time, without smell, in a matter of seconds. There is no need for time-consuming cleaning procedures. In seconds, infrared radiation can be targeted to melt the mating surfaces of a...

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Complex wheeled trolleys are produced from injection moulded plastic panels quickly and in an automated process within a special purpose machine, manufactured by Robot Units of Winsford. Infrared emitters transmit heat without contact to suit the programmed production processes. This protects the material, improves the quality of the end product and so reduces final costs. Flat, blow moulded panels from thermoplastic HDPE (high density polyethylene) are supplied basically as unfolded boxes, together with all the integral fixing lugs and holes and slots which would be used in subsequent...

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High power short wave infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight are being used in an adapted rig at The Welding Institute, in Cambridge, to demonstrate and prove the benefits of infrared non-contact welding of plastics over competitive techniques. The rig at the TWI is currently investigating infrared butt welding of plastic pipe but it can be adapted to suit a range of products and plastic materials. Specifically, it consists of two banks of six short wave 1.5kW emitters clamped and spring-loaded on either side of a movable platten to give a total installed power of 18kW. This equates to...

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Infrared welding, employing high power, short wave infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight, is helping to produce cylindrical pressure tanks with a glass-filled polypropylene cylinder body. The cylindrical housing is produced in two mouldings, which are joined together in such a fashion that the complete assembly is able to withstand internal operating pressures of around 10 bar. Typical hot plate welding methods would be unsuitable in this application, as the melt temperatures involved (210°C to 250°C) would expose the short glass fibres in the p olypropylene, which would then abrade the...

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An infrared welding system using special-purpose infrared emitters from Heraeus Noblelight has helped Hepworth Drainage to improve the quality of an inspection chamber assembly production process, while eliminating any environmental problems associated with a hot melt adhesive technique that was formerly used. Hepworth Drainage is one of the largest manufacturers of drainage systems. One of its major product lines is a polypropylene inspection chamber, which provides access to inspect below ground drainage systems from the surface. This product consists of a base unit offering multiple...

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Housings for swimming bath filters are relatively large and thick-walled and must be pressure-resistant. They are injection-molded in two halves in polypropylene (PP) and the two halves are welded together. For one company in South East Asia, the welding together of these large and thick-walled plastic components presented a real challenge, as the filter housing, when in its operating position, was clearly visible so that the welding seam had to be optically perfect. The company formerly used a welding system with resistance heating elements in an aluminum block with a Teflon coating. The...

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Profit from the acknowledged Heraeus quality - the proven twin tube design with a unique length of up to 6.5 meters - contoured emitters, which are shaped to match the geometry of your work piece - the new QRC® emitter, with its nano reflector for stable heating processes under aggressive ambient conditions. Convince yourself personally of the efficiency of infra-red emitters for your process in our Application Centers. Make use of our expertise and experience to optimize your production process and realize real competitive advantage. We reserve the right to change pictures and technical...

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