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Infrared Systems for Food Processing

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Infrared Systems for Food Targeted heat for efficient processing

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Technical Information Filling of chocolates, browning of ready meals or sterilisation of bread - infrared heat is an innovative alternative to many processes in food production. Infrared emitters transmit heat without contact and only as long as necessary. In this way, food is brought to the required temperature without being overheated. For the food sector, infrared modules aremanufactured in stainless steel and fitted with a wire mesh to afford mechanical protection. An additional foil frame can, if requested, protect the food from any falling particles. Infrared emitters from Heraeus are...

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A specially-built oven system, incorporating the latest carbon infrared technology, is helping Geest to achieve perfect browning of the toppings for a range of oven-ready meals produced at its Milton Keynes food factory. When Geest decided to install a new production line to produce a new range of products at Milton Keynes, it was agreed that this would be designed to include the most up-to-date food production technology. An essential part of the mass production of some ready meals is the browning of the topping, as this is very important for final presentation. Historically, browning has...

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Carbon infrared heating systems are helping Magna Speciality Confectioners to achieve better control over the quality of their filled chocolate products, as well as saving energy and space when compared with the previous chocolate heating system. Magna Speciality Confectioners make a wide range of chocolates, under contract, for most of the well-known chocolate manufacturers. They have particular expertise in filled products, such as filled chocolate bars and filled chocolate eggs, where the application of heat is an important process step. In the manufacture of chocolate filled eggs,...

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The Britvic factory in Great Britain handles a range of fruit juices. The juices are pasteurised prior to filling to temperatures in the region of 80 °C; glass bottles arrive on the line at ambient temperatures. When filling glass bottles, there is a significant danger of sufficient thermal shock to cause cracking/bottle failure if the temperature difference between fluid and glass is greater than around 42 °C. Historically to ensure that the bottle/juice temperature difference was maintained below this critical level, the bottles to be filled would be first subjected to a hot rinse and...

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An infrared, cheese grilling and browning oven from Heraeus Noblelight has helped Food Point of Dubai to solve an in-flight house-keeping problem as airlines try to meet the passenger demand for pizza slice snacks. By pre-grilling and browning prepared slices in Food Point's food production facility, the packaged slices can now be baked on board the aircraft in the minimum of time without burning the bread base. A light crisp texture is achieved in only 15 minutes of the dedicated aircraft ovens, with the cheese topping already having a baked, brown appearance prior to cooking. Food Point...

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All equipment that is used in the food processing must be hygienically perfect at all times. The first priority is the elimination of mould growth. Carbon infrared emitters or ultraviolet lamps from Heraeus Noblelight ensure a simple, quick and safe disinfection and germ reduction in a controlled manner. The infrared heat or UV radiation can be used to meet hygiene standards in large factories in the food sector. Heraeus Noblelight offers the complete spectrum of infrared and UV systems and advises on the selection of the optimum emitter to suit particular processes. Carbon infrared...

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Profit from the acknowledged Heraeus quality - the proven twin tube design with a unique length of up to 6.5 meters - contoured emitters, which are shaped to match the geometry of your work piece - the new QRC® emitter, with its nano reflector for stable heating processes under aggressive ambient conditions. Convince yourself personally of the efficiency of infra-red emitters for your process in our Application Centers. Make use of our expertise and experience to optimize your production process and realize real competitive advantage. We reserve the right to change pictures and technical...

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