Infrared Modules for Industrial Process Technology - 16 Pages

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Infrared Modules for Industrial Process Technology

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Infrared Modules for Industrial Process Technology

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Heraeus Noblelight The Precise Application of Heat

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The Best Form of Energy Infrared modules from Heraeus Noblelight deliver thermal energy in a practical form. This simplifies and accelerates operating stages, optimises energy usage and results in an exceptional finished product. Whether they are large heating fields, tunnels, ovens or individual modules, our modular infrared systems are always precisely matched to your processes and materials. As a result, the infrared heat can be supplied in the right amounts, exactly where it is required. Intelligent Heat for Your Processes Infrared heat is intelligent heat; because it heats the material...

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M – Simply constructed modules Infrared, ready-for-use at the point-of-use Ready-to-use M Series modules contain one or more infrared emitters. They are ready-to-use in a suitable housing including all the necessary electrical connections. This ensures that M-Series heating modules can be installed and used very quickly and easily. To create larger heating fields, several modules can be combined with each other. M-Series modules can be easily retrofitted into existing production plants and because of their long operation lives, they are extremely cost-efficient.

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M 85 The M 85 is our simplest design of infrared module. It consists of an infrared emitter and an associated heat-reflector plate and holder. M 110 The Module M 110 consists of one or more emitters and the necessary ventilation. It can be installed where heat has to be applied rapidly and directly. The M 110 uses standard components and can be quickly produced and supplied. M 115 The M 115 module consists of one or two infrared emitters, matched in length with a ventilation system. Additionally, pyrometers, temperature switches and temperature cut-outs can be incorporated.

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MX – Scalable Modules Complete Solution System The MX module with its integrated control unit represents a system solution for the total heating process. Each module is optimised in size and wavelength to deliver energy effectively and efficiently at the surface to be heated. In addition we supply complete control systems to allow the power of the module to be regulated to suit the running conditions of the line.

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As Diverse as your Applications Heating solutions with scalable infrared modules find applications in virtually all industrial sectors. Even though there are so many problems to be solved, one solution is constant: We shall always help you to find the best possible infrared solution to meet your requirements. You Eat with your Eyes, An Example in the Food Sector A delicious hamburger? Or a superb dessert? Chocolate with just the right taste? No matter what your preference, it is possible that its appetising appearance owes much to an infrared module. Many ready meals owe their attractive...

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Convertible car hoods last longer if they are pre-treated with precisely matched infrared. As versatile as the Applications of Our Customers. Applications in Automotive Manufacture. Whether it’s engine blocks, filter housings, mirrors or carpets: in the manufacture of a motor car, there is scarcely a component which does not come into contact with infrared during its production. For these components are coated, welded, dried, hardened and activated. Due to its versatility, infrared heat is used in the most diverse of processes in the automotive sector. At the last count, it was over 200...

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An Example in Glass Manufacture. More and more processes in glass manufacture are enjoying the advantages of infrared modules. Whether it’s the drying of coatings, glass cutting or mirror backing, the precise control of infrared emitters allows exact temperature profiling. An example is the use of infrared when cutting laminated glass. Infrared is used to heat and melt the plastic layer without heating the total glass plate. Custom-built Applications: An Example in Plastics Whethre it´s contact-free welding, laminating, precise fixing or embossing of plastics, infrared modules help to...

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MX – Advanced Modules Developed for you Heat as an intelligent solution to your problem. This is our task at Heraeus. With our years of experience and our know-how we are able to develop tailor-made system solutions which precisely meet your requirements. We can call on our comprehensive databank containing over 3000 successful infrared test reports. In addition, in our application centres around the world we can determine the optimum solution to your heating requirements.

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Cables, fibres or wires are efficiently heated in a tube oven. Heraeus – Your Partner At Heraeus, we think in solutions, that are practical for you. You tell us your requirements, we develop your individual system, working in close co-operation with you. First of all we evaluate your requirements and then select the infrared emitters which are most suitable in terms of output, voltage and wavelength. The result: the best possible utilisation of the potential of our emitters – for an optimisation of your work flow. Heating Technology for the Most Exacting of Demands We work closely with you...

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Control and Regulation To meet all demands Your process goal is clearly set out at the planning stage. At the same time, small details are also important to ensure that your infrared system matches the application perfectly. If we know your application, then we can provide you with the optimum emitter, the most suitable IR module and the correct control system. From simple regulators to complex, fully integrated, SPSbased automated solutions. In all power ranges, our control systems optimise the results of your infrared emitters. Your Benefits Infinitely variable power output setting, with...

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The failure of an emitter, a load fuse, a load board or a load voltage can be identified and reported. Control and monitoring, including automatic control of module ventilation and temperature monitoring of the infrared emitter module. Industry-standard regulators, which are flexibly configurable, with display of nominal and actual values, timers, program indicator, ramp function, limit function PID self-optimisation and manual/ automatic test. Naturally, you will receive detailed documentation, which comprehensively describes the complete infrared system. This helps to simplify the...

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