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Infrared emitters for heating processes

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Heraeus Noblelight A Powerful Partner

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Heraeus Noblelight – Decades of experience The origins of Heraeus Noblelight are to be found in the Heraeus Organization in the year 1899, when high purity quartz glass was melted from mountain crystal for the first time. Shortly afterwards, the world’s first industrial quartz lamp was developed, which paved the way for today’s light source technology. The Golden 8 infrared emitter Heraeus Noblelight understands the need of manufacturers to make industrial heating processes more efficient. A Heraeus heater is always matched to the process – and not vice versa. Experience with thousands of...

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Infrared Intelligent Heat – precise and efficient All materials absorb a fraction of the infrared spectrum, reflect a fraction at the surface and allow a fraction of the radiation to pass through. By selecting emitters with suitable spectra, the largest possible fraction of the radiation is absorbed in the material and converted into heat.

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Quartz glass infrared emitters frequently prove superior to conventional heating sources such as warm air, steam, ceramic, gas or metal emitters, because they transfer large amounts of energy very quickly and can be precisely matched to the product and the manufacturing step – the ideal heating process. Correct selection of heaters If the temperature of the heating element of a short wave emitter is greatly reduced, medium wave infrared radiation can be emitted. However, the emitter power output then drops so much that economical heating is no longer possible. Consequently, for applications...

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Golden 8 Packaged Heat at the ready

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Design of the twin tube emitter One sided connection One sided connection Two sided connection Two sided connection More Types on Request! L More Types on Request! Emitter characteristics Golden 8 A reliable sign of competence and quality in infrared heating: the Golden 8 is the basis of all our twin tube emitters and is the starting point for new solutions in heating processes. Quartz Glass Heraeus Golden 8 infrared emitters are manufactured from high quality quartz tubes. Quartz glass is very pure and provides good transmission and temperature resistance. Robust ceramic socket Top quality...

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Infrared emitters fixing innovative Carbon twin emitters flow and cure powder coatings technical textiles Carbon Infrared Emitters CIR® Heraeus Carbon infrared emitters feature a unique heating filament design so that medium wave radiation offering very fast reaction times is possible. All Carbon infrared emitters CIR® offer high surface power densities and speed up heating processes at high e ­ fficiency. Comprehensive tests have shown that Carbon emitters dry water-based coatings significantly more efficiently than short wave infrared emitters. A Carbon infrared emitter may require only...

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Technical data Twin tube emitter Short wave Fast response Medium wave medium wave Max. surface Infrared emitters need a flexible but firm holder so that they can operate correctly Golden 8 standard emitters Power Voltage Heated length Total length Emitter type Item number Medium wave Accessories Needed For Installation Every infrared emitter requires a clamping spring and a holding spring to ensure that the emitter is held elastically. Long emitters should be supported in the middle and medium wave emitters have a longer operating life when they are supported by a right angled safety...

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Round Tube Emitters

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Technical data Carbon round tube IR emitter For many applications, an infrared emitter consisting of just a heating element in a quartz tube is the perfect choice. Such emitters are, in the main, shorter than twin tubes. Obviously, round tube emitters can also be fitted with a gold reflector. Halogen short wave (NIR) radiation is provided by halogen infrared emitters with a spectrum in the near infrared region, a maximum power density of 1 MW per square metre and very fast response times. These emitters are manufactured in top quality quartz glass and are conventionally round tubes. An...

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Special Emitters Heat precisely where it’s needed

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Edges, corners and contours are followed Infrared emitters need not always be long and straight. exactly and heated in a focused manner We are guided totally by the product and process Heraeus infrared emitters are precisely matched to the relevant production process. They heat large surfaces as well as small edges. The potential for flexible design also allows emitters to be produced to match complex geometry work pieces and because infrared emitters can be switched on and off in seconds, they allow significant savings in both energy and operating costs. Plastic components are welded,...

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Application Center Practically-based Support

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There is scarcely a product manufactured which does not pass at least once through a heating process during its manufacture. Coatings are dried, adhesives activated and plastics heated before forming. More efficient heating processes are achieved by better energy utilization. As a result, heating is shorter, in terms of time or in terms of space requirement, so that the complete production plant is more cost-efficient. You have to understand the different applications to exploit infrared heating productively. Heraeus Noblelight has set up Applications Centers to increase its knowledge...

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The Industrial Process Technology division of Heraeus Noblelight (business segment specialty lighting sources) develops and manufactures infrared emitters and systems for industrial heating processes. For over 50 years we have focused on their specific application requirements. With a wealth of experience encompassing more than 3000 different heating processes, we can match our emitters precisely to meet your needs in terms of spectrum, power, length and shape. Make use of the intelligence of infrared technology. In contrast to conventional thermal processes, infrared transmits large...

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