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High Quality Photoionisation Detector Lamps

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High Quality Photoionisation Detector Lamps (PID) For Gas Detection and Gas Chromatography

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PID Lamps For a safer work environment Demand for hazardous material (hazmat) monitoring is ever increasing, as we become more aware of the dangers of chemicals used in industrial processes and the need for personal and environmental protection. One set of materials – Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) – can be detected with very high sensitivity using Photoionisation Detection (PID), and the need for monitoring VOCs is driving demand for Heraeus’ PID lamps. Photoionisation is the term for the absorption of high energy photons by a molecule which results in ionisation of that molecule. The...

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Photoionisation detector lamps (PID) are most commonly used in VOC detection, gas chromatography (GC), trace gas monitoring and sample ionisation for mass spectrometry. They are available with a variety of gas fills including argon, krypton and xenon gas. Recently PID monitoring is increasingly used often combined with other techniques, to provide safe monitoring of hazardous materials for emergency response teams, industrial maintenance, public safety and military protection. Applications ■ VOC gas detection ■ Gas Chromatography (GC) ■ Mass Spectrometry (MS) ■ Field monitoring of air and...

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Heraeus Noblelight is the first PID manufacturer to embark on automated production of PID lamps to introduce more reliable processes for highest quality lamps. AUTO-PID is a new milestone in the production of PID lamps. Large parts of the complex PID manufacturing process, which up to now were done manually, can now be done fully automated on the new system. Clear advantages for our customers: Process control on the automated system is much improved enabling production of lamps with much more consistent quality. Better control over lamp dimensions and shape can be achieved, which...

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