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Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems

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Gas Catalytic Infrared Systems Efficient industrial processing

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Gas Catalytic Infrared Heat - Good to Know Gas catalytic infrared emitters convert natural gas or propane into medium to long wave infrared by using a special platinum catalyst. The only by-products are water and carbon dioxide. This flameless catalytic reaction produces controllable surface temperatures of the emitters between 175 ° C and 480 ° C without the release of NOx gases (nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide) or carbon monoxide. The radiation intensity can be varied infinitely between 20% - 100% of the available output. Infrared heat transfers energy and generates heat where it is...

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Powder Coating System Reduces Costs and Improves Quality Flogas Britain Ltd, established in 1984, are one of the leading providers of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG Gas), supplying Propane and Butane to domestic and industrial users across the UK. The company have a large number of depots nationwide enabling them to offer high quality products at a competitive price. At their main site, they refurbish thousands of gas cylinders each week, ranging widely in size, colour and weight. Committed to undertaking regular reviews of their operations to identify improvements, Flogas Britain Ltd. decided...

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Powder Coating System Improves Response Time Doughty Engineering is the world leader in the design and manufacture of rigging, suspension and lifting equipment for the film, TV and theatre industry. Prior to installing a new powder coating system, the company outsourced all their powder coating to two subcontractors. Whilst they were generally happy with service that was offered; typical turnaround time was anything from 2 days to a week. However, it became clear to Doughty Engineering that over the last 5 years, customers were becoming more demanding. They were holding less stock and so...

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Infrared Systems cure powder coating on MDF boards flexibly and at high quality An infrared oven from Heraeus Noblelight is ensuring brilliant surface quality of kitchen door fronts at Kempa in Belgium. There is a wide range of requirements for kitchen fronts in terms of design and surface properties. As well as the variety of colours and shapes, other properties such as scratch-resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance also play an important part. This is where the benefits of powder coating come into effect, as, as well as a seamless coating, powder coating also provides...

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Q: How flexible are the technologies in working with mixed batches? A: Although components heat up at different rates, they never exceed temperature of convection oven. Infrared heats up components at different rates and will reach different temperatures depending on mass. Care should be taken to "group" like parts size and mass. Q: What about the design of the ovens? A: For convection ovens, product testing generally is not necessary. Although simple, it results in larger sizes and longer oven times. Infrared ovens normally require advanced product tests to determine oven design (power,...

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Infrared heat transfers energy and generates heat where it is needed. PLC controlled gas catalytical infrared ovens are precisely designed to match the thermal process application. This saves energy, improves process stability and increases capacity and quality. With our Application Center we offer all our customers the opportunity to answer important questions, from a practical viewpoint. Competent, technically experienced employees carry out and monitor the tests. ■ Customers can bring along their own parts and coatings for trials ■ Facility for powder or wet spray ■ Ability to handle...

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Profit from the acknowledged Heraeus quality - the proven twin tube design with a unique length of up to 6.5 meters - contoured emitters, which are shaped to match the geometry of your work piece - the new QRC® emitter, with its nano reflector for stable heating processes under aggressive ambient conditions. Convince yourself personally of the efficiency of infra-red emitters for your process in our Application Centers. Make use of our expertise and experience to optimize your production process and realize real competitive advantage. We reserve the right to change pictures and technical...

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