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Perfte Battery Powered Transfer Cart

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Absorption profession concentration • Innovative design concept • Safe operating system • Environmentally friendly products • Easy way to use

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Omnidirectional display

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Operating principle of BXC series transfer car BXC series rail transfer car is powered by battery. The battery is installed inside the car. The current is supplied to pulling motor through electric control system, which makes the car start, stop, move forward, move backward, turn around, change speed, etc. Features and Function Battery electric transfer car, also known as electric cross-over car, is a kind of railway electric transport car in the factory. It has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, large carrying capacity, no fear of dirt, no fear of smashing, easy...

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3. The transfer car can realize rollover and self unloading function by hydraulic device. 4. Electric transfer car can be equipped with safety devices, such as proximity switches, stop-in-person, alarm systems, buffers, etc. to achieve the corresponding safety functions. 5. According to the reasonable requirements of customers, the company can develop and develop corresponding non-standard electric flat cars to achieve the required functions. Security configuration 1. Stop and acousto-optic alarm devices, it can effectively protect personal safety of workers. 2. Limit and anti-collision...

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Main technical parameter requirements 1 Driving mode Motor drive

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Components of BXC battery electric transfer car 1. Frame: Frame is box girder structure. It is not easy to deform, bearing safety factor is 150%. Frame is a frame structure welded by two longitudinal beams and several cross beams and mesa panels. Both box girders are welded by ribs, and all beneath the mesa steel plate is welded into a grid. The frame is uniformly stressed and the frame is not easy to deform. 2. Wheel: Wheels are made of crane-specific wheels. The wheels are made of ZG55 and quenched entirely. The hardness of wheel tread and inner edge is HB320-380 and the depth is 20mm....

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3. Motor: DC motor is a motor that converts direct current energy into mechanical energy. It has the characteristics of good speed regulation performance, large starting torque and uniform speed adjustment. The performance has a great advantage over the general motors. 4. Power: The electrode plate of the battery is composed of lead and lead oxides, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulphuric acid. Its main advantages are voltage stability and low price, while its disadvantages are low specific energy (i.e. the energy stored in each kilogram of battery), short service life and...

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5. Electrical control cabinet: Electrical cabinet is equipped with main power switch. The whole set of electrical equipment has distribution protection, short circuit protection, over-current protection, voltage loss protection, zero protection, emergency power cut protection, safety signs, etc. It ensures transmission performance, control performance, protection performance safety, accuracy and reliability, and can safely stop in emergency. 6. Wireless remote controller: The remote controller is imported from Sweden. The quality is reliable and the remote control distance is long. Because...

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7. Battery charger: High frequency charger adopts high frequency power supply technology. It adopts constant current/constant voltage/small constant current intelligent three-stage charging mode. It has the characteristics of high charging efficiency, simple operation, light weight, small volume, etc. During charging, the plug-out charger automatically shuts down. 8. A burglar alarm: The shell of the product is made of high quality imported raw materials. The high brightness solid-state maintenance-free LED light source is selected as the light-efficient energy-saving light source. It has...

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Product advantage 1. The series flat car has the advantages of safety and flexibility, no distance restriction, adjustable speed, smooth start, large starting moment, small impact on reducer, low voltage, long service life and so on. The track laying requirements are not high, and are suitable for occasions with low frequency and long distance transportation. 2. DC motor is selected for flat car, which is suitable for frequent use and has higher safety and mobility. In order to meet the high frequency transportation environment, it can be equipped with a hard gear reducer, which makes the...

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5. flat cars can add PLC control system, automatic rail car, greatly increase efficiency. Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co.,Ltd Internal visual view Electric flat car track and foundation Internal gaugeH Technical requirements schematic drawings

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Product classification Advantage

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Co-operative enterprise Successful case Shihezi Xinjiang

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Steel works in Wuhan Mould factory in Guangdong Application area Aircraft industry Steel Works Mining industry Shipbuilding industry Construction industry Petrochemical industr

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Brief introduction Henan Perfect Handling Equipment Co., Ltd. founded in 2015, is a material handling machinery manufacturing enterprise integrated in scientific research, production and marketing. There are more than 100 workers including 3 senior engineers and 6 engineers owning the middle-level titles and 10 technicians. The scientific management, advanced processing technology and innovative manufacturing theory make the company become the material handling manufacturing and exporting base in China.

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