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Industrial Heating Products - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

industrial heating products

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Tubular & Finned Tubular Elements • Tubular applications: Clamp-on, wrap-around, immersion, convection or radiant heating. • Finned tubular applications: Natural convection or forced draft space heating, industrial process air heating, preheat & reheat. • Custom designs to fit the job. • Single ended terminations available. • Many sheath materials available depending on application. • Options: Numerous terminations, insulators and seals, special fittings and mounting plates available. • Standard diameters include .250”, .260”, .312”/.315”, .375”, .430”, .475”, .490” and .625”. • Lengths in excess...

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Storage Tank Heating Systems Used to raise or maintain temperatures up to 1000° F for a wide variety of liquids and gases found in storage tanks and process vessels. Low watt density open coil elements recommended for heating viscous and temperature sensitive materials including asphalt, chocolate, fuel oils, pitch, resins and tar. • Storage Tank Heaters with built-in controls. • Railroad Tank Car Heaters for restoring heat lost during transit or liquefying material for draining or pumping out of tank cars. • Lengths up to 40 feet. • Flexible element design allows installation in tanks with as...

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Switchgear Space Heaters • Designed for the maintenance of temperature and for minimizing the buildup of moisture inside enclosures containing sensitive equipment. • Switchgear space heaters are less expensive than strip heaters and other, less efficient types of heaters. • Easy installation. • Long life elements. • Corrosion resistant mounting bracket(s) and protective guard. • Available with integral prewired thermostat adjustable from 30-150oF. • Optional terminal cover. • Custom assemblies available. • UL Recognized and CSA Approved. Bolt Heaters • HEATREX Bolt Heaters are used to preheat...

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