HANNA instruments 2007 Laboratory Catalog - 124 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

LABORATORY PRODUCTS CATALOG 4TH EDITION With Great Products, Come Great Results7

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World Headquarters HANNA instruments Inc. Highland Industrial Park, 584 Park East Drive Woonsocket, RI 02895 USA P: (800) 426-6287 F: (401) 762-5064 E: sales@hannainst.com www.hannainst.com/usa USA Laboratory Division HANNA instruments Inc. 3820 Packard Road, Suite 120, Ann Arbor, MI 48108, USA P: (800) 504-2662 F: (734) 971-8155 E: laboratory@hannainst.com Contacts Worldwide Argentina instruments® Argentina s.a. Saavedra 1023 (C 1229 ACK) Buenos Aires Argentina P: (11) 4308.1905 / 4308.4807 F: (11) 4308.1904 E: ventas@hannaarg.com instruments® Egypt Ltd. 27 Makram Ebied St. Nasr City, Cairo Egypt...

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ISE/pH Titration 4-8 Bench Meters 9-18 Portable Meters 19-26 Testers 27-29 pH and ORP Electrodes 30-45 ISE Electrodes 46-52 ISE Sensors and Accessories 53 ISE Solutions 54-55 pH and ORP Solutions 56-63 ORP, Refill, Cleaning and Storage Solutions 64 Turbidity, Salinity and Fluoride Solutions 65 Application Specific Cleaning Solutions 66 Multiparameter Bench Meters 106-108 Multiparameter Portable Meters 109 Single Parameter Portable Meters 109-113 Standard Reagents 114 CAL CHECK™ Standard Reagents 115 Accessories 115 Portable Meters 116-119 Dataloggers 120 T-Logger 121 Testers 122 Conductivity/TDS...

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Titration Automaic Titration Systems Automatic Titration Systems with Clip-Lock™ Exchangeable Burette System and Automatic Burette Recognition Clip-Lock™ Exchangeable Burette System With Clip-Lock™, it only takes a couple of seconds to exchange the reagent burettes to perform a different titration. With conventional titrators, there is the risk of cross contamination of titrants when exchanging reagents. Reconfiguring the titrator for different sample methods consumes time and reagents. Each method may need different reagents and care must be used when purging and cleaning the burette. To avoid...

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Automatic Titration Systems with Clip-Lock™ Exchangeable Burette System and Automatic Burette Recognition Powerful Customization, Accurate Analysis HI 901 and HI 902 are automatic titrators from HANNA that compliment our wide range of products dedicated to quick and accurate laboratory analysis. HI 902 also features the addition of back-titration capabilities. Each unit is provided with a host of numerous features suitable for routine sample analysis. HI 901 and HI 902 perform acid/base, potentiometric and amperometric titrations. With our exclusive Clip Lock™ system for burette replacement, changing...

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Titration Automaic Titration Systems Automatic Titration Systems with Clip-Lock™ Exchangeable Burette System and Automatic Burette Recognition Keep an accurate record of analyses! HANNA's 900 Series titration systems are easily incorporated into any existing GLP data management program: • Users can easily record all necessary GLP information with every sample including sample identification, company and operator name, date, time, electrode ID codes and calibration information. • Data can also be transferred using the integral floppy disk drive for communication with a PC or • • • • even other...

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• Equivalence point detection • Precise dosing system (accuracy (first derivative and second derivative) • The results are displayed directly in the selected units • Titration graph can be displayed on-screen and saved • User customized reports can be printed, saved on floppy disk or transferred to PC via RS232 interface under 0.1% of burette volume) Supports up to 10,000 titration methods (standard and user defined) Clip Lock™ — change burettes quickly with auto burette recognition Dynamic/Linear dosing feature Fixed end point potential or pH • Reminders for titrant age and standardization expiration...

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ISE/pH Bench Meters Automatic Titration Systems with Clip-Lock™ Exchangeable Burette System and Automatic Burette Recognition SPECIFICATIONS Range Resolution Accuracy ±0.1°C/±0.2°F/±0.1K (excluding probe error) Burette Sizes Burette Resolution Display Resolution Dosing Accuracy ±0.1% of full burette volume English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish Methods Burette Auto-Detection Programmable Stirrer Up to 10,000 methods (standard and user-defined) Burette size is automatically recognized when inserted into the unit Propeller type, 100-2500 RPM, automatically held within 10% of the set value, resolution...

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Research Grade pH Meters with Color Display Key Features ISE/pH Bench Meters • 240 x 320 Color Display • Simultaneous dual graph display • • • • • • • • and real-time logging USB and RS232 for Computer Compatibility Multi-language interface GLP data Manual or automatic temperature compensation Relative mV scale Small footprint Menu screens are informative and navigation is intuitive Electrode holder (included) holds 3 electrodes and screws securely into the base of the Research Grade Meter series pH Features • Exclusive Calibration Check™ • 5 point calibration with standard ISE Features • Direct...

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ISE/pH Bench Meters Research Grade pH Meters with Color Display pH Calibration Check™ Proper calibration of both the pH meter and pH electrode system is critical in order to achieve reliable results. HANNA’s exclusive Calibration Check™ system includes several features to help users reach that goal. • Each time a pH calibration is performed, the instrument compares the new calibration with the previous one. When this comparison indicates a significant difference, the message alerts the user to either clean the electrode, check the buffer or both. • When measurements are taken too far from the...

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Research Grade pH Meters with Color Display Incremental ISE/pH Bench Meters First Step The first step in performing an incremental method analysis is to enter the required parameters including sample, ISA and standard volumes and standard concentration. When repeating the analysis on another sample, the parameters do not need to be reentered. Sequence of Readings Once the variables are entered, the user is guided step-by-step through the measurement. The initial mV measurement is made before the addition, next is the addition, and then the second measurement is made. Results The results are automatically...

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