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ENGLISH 2.2.2 Assembly of MANDO T212

Removal of the spindle flange from the mandrel If the mandrel will be mounted with the spindle flange, then you can sep-
arate the mandrel and the flange by removing the mounting screws [10]. Assembly of spindle flange Prior to assembling you must clean and oil the mating surfaces on spin-dle and mandrel. Place spindle flange [4] on the machine spindle, posi-
tion on the torsional safety pin, then place the mounting screws [9] on,and tighten as specified by the spindle manufacturer. Check the concen-tricity and the face runout of the spindle flange. For machines with a cylin-drical adapter you can correct the concentricity by adjusting the spindleflange. Assembly of mandrel First mount the supplied special drawtube adapter [12] on the crown cou-
pling [7] on the machine side. Then reduce the machine clamping pres-sure on the mandrel to the minimum level and move the clamping draw-tube into the front end-stop position. Place the drawtube adapter [12]together with the mandrel on the clamping drawtube and screw it on.Turn the mandrel back until the balance marking between spindle flange
and mandrel match. Carefully move the clamping drawtube backwardsand insert the mandrel in the spindle flange [4]. Tighten the mounting
screws [10] uniformly. Increase the clamping pressure again to the level
required for machining. In this process ensure that the maximum axial
drawtube force [can be read from the mandrel] is not exceeded under
any circumstances. Otherwise the possibility of damage to the clamping
device and hazard to personnel in the vicinity cannot be excluded. Check the concentricity andface runout To check concentric precision, first
remove the coupling sleeve [end-
stop] [2] and coupling ring [6]. Todo this, loosen the screws justenough [8] that the couplingsleeve [end-stop] can be twistedand pulled off. Now you can
remove the coupling ring [6]. Pulldown the segmented clampingbushing [1]. Align a dial indicator
on the flat contact surface and
check the face runout. [Face
runout see page 38.]To check concentricity align the
dial indicator on the taper of themandrel body [3] and check. If
correction is required then the
mounting screws [10] must beloosened and placed on again.
Establish concentricity using aplastic mallet and tighten the
mounting screws [10] uniformly.
1 Segmented clamping bushing2 Coupling sleeve [end-stop]
3 Mandrel body
4 Spindle flange
5 Torsional safety pin6 Coupling ring7 Crown coupling
8 Mounting screws9 Mounting screws10 Mounting screws
11Assembling aid12Drawtube adapter13Positioning pin

9 4 3 8 13 6 1 11 12 5 10 7 2 >

MANDO T211 Assembly 31

Documentation Segmented mandrels: MANDO T211 | MANDO T212
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    2.1.2 Assembly of MANDO T211 Removal of the spindle flange from the mandrel If the mandrel will be mounted with the spindle flange, then you can sep-arate...
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    ENGLISH Check the concentricity and face runout To check the concentric precision the draw bolt [3] and the segmentedclamping bushing [1] must be removed....
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    2.2 MANDO T212 segmented mandrel Segmented mandrels are espe-cially suited for I.D. clamping,where high concentric precision isrequired.The segmented...
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    ENGLISH 2.2.1 Technical data MANDO T212 segmented mandrel and changing parts The max. RPM information is basedexclusively on the use of standarddesign...
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    SB segmented clamping bushing MANDO T212 size 3 SB230 +D 44.5 mmclamping length1x30 > Clamping range D: и50 mm ָ80 mmMax. RPM: 6000...
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    End-stops The standard end-stops are available stock items and are not part of thesegmented mandrel. The supplied coupling sleeve is a safety componentand...
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    ENGLISH 2.3 Mandrel-in-the-chuck: MANDO Adapt The MANDO Adapt segmented mandrel is designed for the adaptation in a SPANNTOP combi pull-back chuck SPANNTOP...
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    Attention:The maximum axial draw-tube force should neverexceed the value specifiedon the circumference of theMANDO Adapt mandrels. Check the concentricity...
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    Attention when machining the SAD segmented clampingbushing! > ENGLISH 3. Accessories3.1 The diameter of the SAD bushing can be machined maximum to...
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    4. Safety, maintenanceand cleaning ■ Make sure that persons entrusted with operations, maintenance andrepair have read and understood the assembly...
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