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ftZ fa Product Introduction iSiSigjtigS# Temperature And Humidity Chart tiatiaanas^stastfiSigeTFm.    siss. #?□, t* & . 3*4 85. SfS. EPIKI0S. f fll!SSi*0a». ;# £ GB/T10586, GJB150.9A. GJB150.6A. GB/T22894. JJFI101, GB/2423.3 GB/T2423.4, IEC68-2-30, GB/T4857.2. GB/T9278;!gfltS#SSSTlSTKl 5jst4ia5t8$tigg#ss. ^ts®)s«f8WP*iai“fi5esR5rii«£ra«ig. This Series Machine Stimulate Various Temperature And Humidity Environment, It Is Suitable For Test Electronics, Electrical Appliances, Food, Automobile, Rubber And Plastic, Metal, Print Products And Furniture Products, Based On GB/T10586. GJB150.9A. GJB150.6A. GB/T22894, JJFI101, GB/2423.3 GB/T2423.4. IEC68-2-30. GB/T4857.2. GB/T9278; Provide Customer With Reliable Testing Report Under Harsh Environments That Improve The Quality Of Products. I tEiSfEiS? Low Temp&low Humid 20 to 98%RH Per Chart (no Live Load) S*US! Technical Parameters 3?§/Modei Internal Dimension(W*D‘H) ?F?IR7f(rFiSiB^ ) External Dimension(SUS Type)(W*D*H) 7F?iR-f (8SB:) External D'imension(Paint Type)(W*D*H) ;§s ( t) Temperature (‘C ) (KW) Total Power (KW) (A) Maximum Current (A) mm (v) Voltage (V) ffl§/Model AJflRTr Internal Dimension(W*D*H) External Dimension(SUS Type)(W‘D*H) JHSR'JWiSR) External DimensionlPaint Type)(W*D*H) as (t) Temperature ( C ) .SKI* (KW) Total Power (KW) (A) Maximum Current (A) t%E (V) Voltage (V) TempS Humi. Adjust Way •asiaffl Temperature Range asestims Temp Tolerance ■SStShSS Temperature Uniformity fh§ m Heating Speed Cooling Speed SSiBll Temperature Range smmm. Humid Tolerance SSISIS)® Temperature Uniformity rases Internal Chamber Material yt-rntm External Chamber Material SIJ1S753: Cooling Method Refrigerator t$10753: Cooling Method SfFWtS Operation Panel is1£753: Running Mode (il?£+ZSS Program Memory Capacity smrafKi Output «7K753: Water Supply Water Tank Capacity ¥Sit8i§®ilB3: (BTHC ) PIDg88S8T5 Balanced Temperature Humidity Control System (BTHC), PIDSnl-iffliS + fgWjfiK 0‘C , -20t , -40C , -70t~H50t ±0.01t ±0.5'C'±0.2t 3‘C/min In Average 1'C/min In Average 20%~98%RH ±1%RH 13%RH 304*85® Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel / Paint Spray feSEESs, =S1$1$ Single-stage Compression, Binary Refrigeration sjjfflaasaiifsm All Closed Tecumseh Of France Compressor m Air-cooled °J<gg®SS8$)gS^fS Programmable Led Touch Screen fISiiK, (Sl*i§« Constant Running, Program Running 120*8°J»H£l?. fsj'i'SfjigXIOOfS 120 Group Programmable, Max 100 Section Each RS-232SP RS-232 (USB,Optional) ittTfS* Circulating Water 800LiaT1SSe-'i'7KS (&S25L/-M Chamber Internal Capacity < 800L: 25L X1 pc 800La±«jiBeifS-!'*JS (§S25U'M Chamber Internal Capacity > 800L: 25L X 2pc

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