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coating machine

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HD-C807HD-C807 Coating Machine Product Description: *s«s®**a$o this automatic coating machine is designed for more easy coating on different raw material, which greatly improved the reproducibility of the coating. Technical Parameters: K    ^Machine base size- 570mm x340mm: 2. ^sS^MR\tEffective coating size:    Length 430mm SCWidth 300mm ; 4.    St Coating thickness : S    PS Jt ( 5umi«ffi:gpMI?*K& ) ; Use high precision winding bar to coat,5um (can be tailor made based on customer requirements) 6. SztSR'd'Winding bar dimension: USdiameter 1.0mm, &-i£total length 400mm, Effective coating width 300mm; Product Description: ttSi+NDJwraisfflT iisg. iitr/S. IS®. <taao. Digital rotate viscometer is an intelligent liquid viscosity measuring instruments. It can be used to measure liquid apparent viscosity of non-Newtonian liquid and absolute viscosity of Newtonian liquid. It is widely used in grease, paint, food, medicines, detergent and other liquids. Technical Parameters: l.ttSiMiiSlii Measuring range: 1 ~1x105mPa.s; 2,iHSiSS Measuring error: ±2%(    Newtonian liquid ); Rotator specification: 1,2,3.4.-t0?'P^T(O«»7SiS#,5r*m«a5O.1 mPa.s); 1#,2#,3#,4# (0# is optional which can test 0.1 mPa.s liquid ); 4,8« Rotate speed: 6r/min.12r/min,30r/min.60r/min ; 5. sata Automatic switch: fgSaSIS^iESrT-f-ifO&iS ; Rotator and speed can be changed automatically; 6,£8 5‘C~35°C,?B#ifS^*;F 80%: Temperature: 5°C~35T, Relative humidity: > 80%: 7, ift-S Power: 1 f , AC 220v ± lOv, 50Hz; 8.5'l-SR'd' DimensionlLxWx HI; 300x300x450mm; 6.8kg Approx.; 10,ffiSE# Options:    O-f-SST-; fSSfiiSzKiSTFff Thermostatic water bath, 0# rotator. Constant temperature water circulation glass cup . Electric Balance is used to get weight of sample for some test preparation. Technical Parameters: 1, SStSMeasuring range(optional): 200g.300g , 600g, lOOOg ,2000g(^HS!fSjSS)(can be customized); 2, S'J'lf'ffiMinimum weighing: O.OIg; 3, 9s S. ifiAccuracy: 0.01/0.001/0.0001; 4, TFSR^tScalesize: 13cmC§'#fSz)(for 0.01 accuracy); 9cm(T-$HS£)(for0.001 accuracy); 5,    \tDimension ( WxDxH ) ; 230x183x130mm

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