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Catalogue excerpts

Hydrogen is the future, we can sense it! ™ 27215 Turnberry Lane, Unit A

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Our Mission Deliver unsurpassed value and optimize green initiatives with our one of a kind continuous hydrogenspecific sensing technology worldwide. Our Value Propositions Enable end-user customers to efficiently and effectively optimize: Electric utility power transformer fleet and other oil-filled assets (Grid) Petroleum refinery and other industrial process control Facility and equipment safety to minimize downtime+ Lower total costs of ownership than the competition Our Strategic Objectives H2scan's technology accepted as the new gold standard in hydrogen sensors. H2scan's business recognized...

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IMPORTANT NOTICES Read and understand this operating manual before installing or using the system. Only use cables from H2scan with this system. If this equipment is used in a manner not specified by H2scan, the protection provided by this equipment may be impaired. Hydrogen is flammable at 4% in air. Take indications seriously and be prepared to take action. In the event of detection of 4% or higher of a hydrogen gas concentration there is a high probability of a hazard to safety. Inform local emergency response personnel immediately. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY IN THE EVENT OF A DEFECT IN THE SYSTEM,...

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL 1 DESCRIPTION The Model 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System is designed to detect and respond to hydrogen leaks in Gas Chromatography systems. The hydrogen specific solid-state sensing element is designed for long term reliable operation. The Model 720AS-GC detects hydrogen alarm indications at a user selectable level. The factory pre-set level is 1.0% H2, or 25% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit). The alarm activates a tower with flashing red lights and a buzzer and closes a valve to shut off the supply of hydrogen to the Gas Chromatography system. Figure...

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL 2 SPECIFICATIONS Ambient Temperature Hydrogen Sensitivity Range User adjustable set point (0.5%- 4%) Audible and visual output Auto Hydrogen shut off Inert gas (Nitrogen, Argon) purge Instrument display Power On/Off LED Alarm Strobe Light Pump Power ON/OFF LED Solenoid Valve LED Power Supply Serial Communications RS-232, USB (optional) Baud Rate: 19200 Data bits: 8 Parity: None Stop Bits: 1 No handshaking

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL 3 PARTS Inspect the system and make sure the following parts are included.  720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System Power Cord Serial Interface Cable Mounting screws, lock washers and nuts (5ea) (Optional) Sensing Tube (See Figure 7) (Optional) Sensing Tube Pass-Thru (See Figure 6) (Optional) Sensing Tube Pass-Thru Nuts (2) Internal View of the 720AS-GC sensor system components is illustrated in figure 2 below: GC CONNECTOR PORT ALARM PUMP POWER SUPPLIES SENSOR SOLENOID VALVES CALIBRATION PORT EXHAUST Figure 2: Internal view of 720AS-GC Sensor System

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL 4 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Select the mounting location: GC SIDE MOUNTED INSTRUCTIONS: Provide access to the GC oven. If knock-outs are available on the GC side panel remove the desired knock-out. Align sensing tube hole with selected knock-out hole on GC side panel. If no knock-out is available drill a 7/16” (12 mm) hole through left or right side panel and oven wall. NOTE: If drilling a hole the recommended position is 1” below the top of the GC oven and in a location that will not interfere with column access. See Figure 3. Figure 3:...

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL Reattach the GC side panel. See Figure 5. Figure 5: Mount System Insert the Sensing Tube Pass-Thru into the system. Fasten the threaded tube inside of the GC oven with double nuts. Please finger-tighten the first nut. Tighten the second nut with a wrench. Ensure that nuts are a snug fit but do not warp GC or oven wall. See Figure 6. Figure 6: Install Sensing Tube Pass-Thru Insert the end of the 1/8” sensing tube without fittings through the compression fitting on the threaded tube and into the GC oven. Tighten the compression fitting to secure...

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL Inside the Model 720AS-GC enclosure, disconnect the end of the 1/8” flex tube attached to the “GC Connect” fitting. Connect the end of 1/8” flex tube to the sensing tube with 1/8” plastic fittings. For reference, the flex tube will also be connected to a plastic “T” fitting. Inspect the installation and ensure no debris or loose parts are present, and reinstall the cover. Figure 8 shows the complete setup of Model 720AS-GC installed on a gas chromatograph. Figure 8: Installed Model 720AS-GC Sensor System WALL MOUNTED INSTRUCTIONS: Use the...

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL 5 CONNECTIONS A standard 115 VAC instrument power cord is supplied. A standard serial cable is provided so the unit can be monitored, controlled, and calibrated using standard PC. Hydrogen gas connection and inert gas connection (optional) to the solenoid valve are made using standard 1/8” compression fittings. 6 STARTUP Plug the standard instrument power cable into 720AS-GC sensor system. Once power is applied, the unit executes a warm-up sequence lasting about 10 minutes. The status LED will be amber in color during warm-up and will change...

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H2scan 720AS-GC Hydrogen Sensor System OPERATING MANUAL allow inert gas to flow. If an inert gas purge is not desired, the system will only cut off hydrogen gas flow. NOTE: The solenoid valves will not work as intended if the inert gas line pressure exceeds the hydrogen gas line pressure. The pressure of the nitrogen gas supply line must be less than the pressure of the hydrogen gas supply line. 9.3 ALARM If the hydrogen level exceeds the set point, or there is an instrument fault, the tower’s red light will light, buzzer will sound, and the supply of hydrogen to the GC system is shut off and...

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