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Hydrogen is the future, we can sense it!" HYDROGEN ANALYZING SYSTEM Designed to measure, detect and respond to hydrogen leaks in gas chromatography systems • Simple & efficient installation • Designed for retrofit to any GC make or model • Compact size allows for mounting flexibility - it can be easily installed either directly on or away from the GC • Cost effective with short ROI • Continuous monitoring - the system continually pulls sample from the GC oven for 24/7 monitoring • Robust & flexible

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H2scan’s HY-OPTIMA™ 720AS-GC Hydrogen Analyzing System for GC ovens is leading the industry with its defining technology as a retrofit analyzer. HELIUM AS CARRIER GAS More than 80% of Gas chromatography (GC) instruments use helium as a carrier gas. Consumption of helium has increased rapidly due to applications in the medical, scientific and industrial fields. This has made helium a rare commodity and has led to a dramatic rise in price. HYDROGEN AS CARRIER GAS Hydrogen is an attractive carrier gas and is not likely to experience a similar price rise because its production is not dependent on...

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H2SCAN SOLUTION FEATURES & BENEFITS To eliminate the possibility of reaching an explosive level, e.g., a leak in a GC oven where temperatures can be as high as 450°C, H2scan has developed a hydrogen analyzing system which can be: • Designed for retrofit to any GC make or model • Remote installation capability (does not need to be installed on the GC) • Active pumping to allow constant monitoring of oven environment for leaks • Quick response (a few seconds) • Selective and specific hydrogen detection, eliminating false alarms • Hydrogen shutdown and switch to inert gas in the event of an alarm...

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SPECIFICATIONS Ambient Temperature Hydrogen Sensitivity Range 0.4% to 5% hydrogen by volume at 1 ATM Set Point Alarm User adjustable set point (0.5%- 4%) Audible and visual output Auto Hydrogen shut off Inert gas (Nitrogen, Argon) purge Power On/Off LED Alarm LED Instrument Display Power Supply Indoor Use Pollution degree 2 environment Serial Communications CONCLUSIONS As a result of the extreme helium shortage, the industry is making a concise effort to switch to hydrogen as a carrier gas. This switch can lead to approximately 75% in costs savings. H2scan’s reliable hydrogen specific detection...

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