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Activepowerclean brochure - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Leaders in Zero Liquid Discharge Activepowerclean. More efficiency due to self-cleaning heat exchanger.

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Effective processing of industrial wastewater. Trendsetting technology from the ZLD experts. During evaporation of industrial wastewater the pollutants are concentrated in the heat exchanger of the evaporation system. This results in scaling on the inner heat exchanger surface and might even end up in blocking the heat exchanger pipes. Activepowerclean: Higher efficiency Highest profitability Increased system availability Consequently system availability is reduced Inside the heat exchanger there are small and extensive manual cleaning efforts are ceramic balls, the so called Activepowerclean necessary....

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Energy consumption of VACUDEST series The Activepowerclean heat exchanger is one of the main reasons enabling us to reduce energy consumption of our VACUDEST wastewater evaporators by 28 % in recent years. Increased system availability. Less evaporation residue. The Activepowerclean heat exchanger Scaling in conventional wastewater reduces scaling and prevents blocking evaporators limits the achievable of pipes reliably. This noticeably reduces evaporation rate. Thanks to the advanced cleaning efforts between evaporation Activepowerclean technology scaling is cycles. Consequently system availability...

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