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Rfrences - H2Station February 2012 H2 Logic *f+tf*>i 19******驗w IN PRODUCTION Planned - Ullestwm, Norway A-70MPa HYDROGEN REFUELING STATION Hynor Lillestrom AS ha$ signed a contract with H2 Logic A/S on delivery of a hydrogen station after a comptitive tender exercise. The station will be installe! at a new hydrogen research facility at Akershus Energy Park in Lillestrom just outside of Oslo in Norway. The station will feature sustainable onsite hydrogen production and 70MPa refueling according to the SAE J26驛1, ensuring fast refueling in few minutes and long vehicle range* lanuary 2012 - Fintond/EU TRANSPORTABLE A-70MPa HYDROGEN REFUELING STATION m* As part of the 19,5 million European H2MOVES d)monstration project, H2 Logic hassuppliedand oprtes a transportable hydrogen refueling station The station is presently used for car manufacturer' winter testing north of the polar circle in Finland. During summer 2012 the station will be used to refuel fuel cell vehides from various car manufacturers on an EU tour. The station is supplied with hucked-in hydrogen and provides 70MPa refueling in accordante with the SAE J2601 (A level). November 2011 - Osto, Norway A-70MPa HYDROGEN REFUELING STATION As part of the 颀19,5 million European H2MOVES dmonstration project, H2 Logic has installed and opr驢tes a large scale hydrogen refueling station in Oslo. The station is providing refueling for fuel cell vehicles from Daimler The station features onsite electrolysis production as well as the capability of receiving trucked-in hydrogen, dispensing up to 200 kg/day. Refueling at 70MPa will be done in according with the SAE J2601 (A-levelL fane 2011 -HoUtebro, Denmark A-70MPa HYDROGEN REFUELING STATION Supply and servicing of a 70MPa hydrogen refueling station lor the energy company Vestforsyning A/S. The station is located in the cty of Holstebro in the north western part of Denmark. Hydrogen is supplied from a nearby electrolysis production plant alsoowned by the energy company. The station conducts 70MPa refueling in accordance with the SAE (2601 (A-levell enabling fast refueling in few minutes.

References – H2Station®
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    tebruQry 2010 - Nuvkf Greenhnd HYDROGEN PRODUCTION & FUEL CELL SYSTEM tapply and servking of d hydrogen production and fuel tell System for the national...
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