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Catalogue excerpts

MS 1.000" I.D. to 5.000" O.D. (25.4 to 127.0 mm) Reliable Performance The model MS delivers optimum power in a compact design. This combination makes it an ideal power unit for a variety of standard and custom applications. As a beveling tool, it machines small to mid-sized tubes and pipes with heavy walls and/or hard alloy materials up to 5.000” (127.0 mm) O.D. Standard and specialty tooling is available to perform accurate O.D. and I.D. beveling, stub removal from headers, seal-weld removal and even fin removal. The excellent power-to-weight ratio and reliable performance of the MS enables us to use it as a power unit for other applications. Install a custom J-prep tool holder and mill accurately for orbital welding. Install a precision flange facer and you can place any of a variety of finishes to clean and square flanges. The AirLock option can also be added. This time-saving product locks and unlocks the tool instantly with the flip of a valve to dramatically cut large volume job times. • Machines Accurate J-Preps For Orbital Welding Projects • Fast Stub Removal From Headers • Flange Facing Attachment Adds Versatility • Hand Hole Cap Removal • Fin Removal

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Fixed Tool Holder Sliding Tool Holder Fixed Tool Holder There are two internal locking systems for torque-free operation, enhancing operator safety and productivity. Fixed Tool Holder Internal locking Sliding Tool Holder Sliding Tool Holder 1.000" (25.4 mm) I.D. to 4.000" (101.6 mm) O. D. I.D. Range Rod/ Wedge Shaft Sets Inches MM Cone I.D. Range Collet Rod/ Size Inches MM Shaft

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MSJ / J-preps Precise J-Prep Tooling The model MSJ delivers the accuracy you need to place J-preps on tubes up to 4.500" (114.3 mm) O.D for orbital welding and other applications where accuracy is critical. The precision J-prep tool holder combines accuracy with ease-ofuse and maximum efficiency. The tool holder positions the tooling for a .030" (.76 mm) land depth. The beveled tool can be adjusted a full .250" (6.4 mm) to create the optimum land dimension for your orbital welding application. Once the tool is set, the replaceable carbide inserts enable the operator to change tooling without disturbing...

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Elbow Mandrels The accuracy to perform all of your critical tube machining projects is achieved with our elbow mandrels. These mandrels accurately center and firmly lock our beveling tools in place to bevel, square and perform other end machining on elbows. They lock securely even in short-radius elbows with only a .500" (12.7 mm) minimum depth. Precision Controls Now you can resurface flanges accurately with a portable tool. The light weight makes it easy to handle by a single worker while the high torque motor and patented gear sets deliver power and reliability. Versatile Working Range Two...

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