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MB 7/8" I.D. to 4" O.D. (22.2 to 101.6 mm) Reliable Performance This design, proven over years of job-site use, delivers an extraordinary level of versatility for a wide variety of applications. Choose between two reliable pneumatic motors or electric power. The MB55 is geared for heavy wall and hard alloy materials as well as removing stubs from headers. The MB110 delivers higher speed to turn specialty carbide insert cutters like our patented Multi-Prep®. With Multi-Prep®, you can clean the tube O.D., cut clad and overlay materials from fully covered tubes or from a single side, remove membranes from waterwall panels and O.D. bevel in a single pass. Both MB's are available with wrench feed for working in tight places or the convenient side mounted crank feed. • MB55 Slower Speed, Higher Torque • MB110 Is Ideal For Specialty Applications Such As The Patented Multi-Prep®. • Weighs Just 16 lbs. (7.3 kg) • Torque-Free Operation • Wrench Feed Or Crank Feed Available * Rental or Purchase

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Internal locking There are two internal locking systems for torque-free operation, enhancing operator safety and productivity. The tooling illustrated covers the standard machining applications. Custom tooling made from high quality tool steel, carbide and titanium nitride coated materials is also available. Tool holders are available in fixed and sliding designs. Each tool holder will accept multiple cutters allowing you to perform several operations at the same time. Fixed Tool Holder Fixed Tool Holder Rod/Shaft Size 7/8 Cone 7/8 Cone 11/4 Cone 11/4 Cone 11/4 Cone 11/4 Cone 11/4 Cone 11/4 Cone...

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