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Catalogue excerpts

Portable Tube and Pipe Machining Tools Wherever tubes and pipes need to be cut, machined or expanded for fabrication or maintenance, field-proven H&S Tool products deliver unmatched efficiency, performance and reliability. We have developed a wide range of portable machining equipment to meet your job requirements. Pneumatic power is standard but many have optional electric or hydraulic drives. I.D. Mount Machines that lock inside the tube/pipe to center the tool and create a torque- free operation. O.D. Mount Split Frame Machines that can be located in-line to sever and perform a variety of machining...

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I/2" I.D. to 72" O.D. (12.7 mm to 1828.8 mm) I. D. Mount Machines H&S has 10 models of rugged, powerful, reliable tools that locate and lock in the center of the tube/ pipe. Our locking devices automatically center the tool in the material for increased accuracy and locks them solidly to provide torque-free operation for maximum safety. These tools have wide working ranges to minimize the number of models required to complete your project. The 10 models bevel, square and perform special machining on materials from 1/2" I.D. to 30" O.D. (12.7 mm to 762.0 mm). Three of these models accept our patented...

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Expanding Machines Our compact, powerful line of tube expanding equipment makes short work of tube work for materials from 1/4" I.D. to 4-1/2" O.D. (6.4 mm to 114.3 mm). We also offer tube pulling and internal cutting products. Choose from small motors that turn as much as 1,000 rpm, for projects like condenser tube work, up to units that produce as much as 600 ft. lbs. (821.1 Nm) of torque for high pressure boiler tubes. A full compliment of expander types, mandrels, drives, extensions and many other accessories are also offered. H&S Tool is a global supplier, headquartered in the United States,...

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