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Flange Facing .75" to 16.25" (19.1 to 412.8 mm)O.D. Simple, Safe, Accurate Flange Facing H&S Tool offers four models of reliable pipe machine tools with premium flange facing conversion accessories. Each is powered by reliable pneumatic or electric motors to accurately meet your job site or shop requirements. The tools are portable, making them ideal for use in the field. Setup and operation is easily handled by a single worker. Kits include everything necessary to convert your Model B, MS, MT or MFT beveling tool with illustrated instructions. Standard wedge plates can be used for internal locking or precision elbow mandrels are available. The mandrels are designed to mount in short-radius elbows (models BF and MSF in .50" [12.7 mm], model MTF in 1.00" [25.4 mm] and model MFTF in 1.25" [31.8 mm]). Centering and squaring devices make accurate machining of gasket surfaces and/or bolt patterns simple and safe. • Single Person Setup And Operation • Field Conversion Between Beveling Machine And Flange Facer Is Quick And Easy • Adjust Between A Wide Range Of Face Surfaces • Internal Locking Increases Safety and Accuracy

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Flange Facing Tools and Accessories Working Range* Model MFTF Surface Finish 63 to 250 RMS 63 to 500 RMS Approx. Finish/Pin 1 = 63 RMS, 2= 125RMS 1 = 63 RMS, 3 = 125 RMS, 6 = 500 RMS 4 = 250 RMS Tool Feed Rate .005" (0.13 mm) per pin. Pins must be engaged at opposing positions for even resurfacing. Axial Feed Rate Per Full Turn Internal Locking/ Collet Internal Precision elbow mandrels with "Z" axis adjustment. Locating Locking Alignment Centering/squaring machined aluminum plate, spoked adapter and dial indicator attachment for use with elbow mandrels. Minimum Mounting Depth .75" (191. mm) .50"...

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Model MSF Elbow Mandrel Size A B C D E F Model MTF Elbow Mandrel Size MT1 MT2 MT3 MT4 Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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O.D. Mount Flange Facing Our versatile line of split-frame machines use a counterbore head to quickly and accurately resurface flanges from 4" to 86" O.D. By altering the number of tripper pins, surface finishes can be machined from 63 to 500 RMS. Contact your H&S representative or our headquarters at the information listed below. email: info@hstool.com web sites: hstool.com & multiprep.com

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