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Indicators BA307E - 2 Pages

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Scale Card Safe Area Hazardous Area Loop powered 2-Wire 4 to 20mA 4 digit indicator Zener barriers or galvanic isolators The HBS307E is a loop-powered 4 digit lcd indicator used to display a measured variable in customer selected engineering units within a hazardous area. The zero and span of the display are independently adjustable allowing the indicator to be calibrated to display any linear variable represented by the 4 to 20mA signal. The scale card can easily be marked to show the units of measurement and be installed on-site without dismantling the indicator enclosure or removing it from the panel. A bold 15mm high 4 digit display provides maximum contrast and has a very wide viewing angle, allowing the indicator to be read easily in most lighting conditions over a wide temperature range. The four digits, with three decimal points and a negative sign, may be configured to display any variable between -9999 and 9999. Scale Card Recommended panel cut-out 92mm x 45mm Panel cut-out Intrinsically safe for use in all gas and dust hazardous areas H&B Sensors Ltd | Odyssey House | Durban Road | Bognor Regis | West Sussex | PO22 9RH | United Kingdom Tel: +44(0)1243 866866 | Email: sales@hbsensors.com | www.hbsensors.com To achieve an IP66 seal between the instrument and the panel 90mm x 43.5mm

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Loop powered 2-Wire 4 to 20mA 4 digit indicator Liquid crystal, non-multiplexed 4 digit Span Adjustable between 0 & +9999 for a 4/20mA input. Zero Adjustable between 0 & +9999 with 4mA input. Decimal point 1 of 3 positions or absent Polarity Automatic minus sign Zero blanking Blanked apart from 0 in front of decimal point Direction Display may increase or decrease with Reading rate 2 per second Overange 9999 or -9999 with all decimal points flashing Push buttons (Function in display mode) T Shows display with 4mA input ▲ Shows display with 20mA input 'P' Displays input in mA or a % of span. 'E...

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