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The slots in the press table de-fine the shape and size of therequired ROLLBLOC die lifters. >

Lifting function: Die lifters length/size

Necessary orderingdata: Spring Pressure orHydraulic pressure?

In the case of ROLLBLOC dielifters with spring pressure , it is advisable to separately equipthe cross-over zone (A*) andthe maximum die plate support
in rolling direction. The dielifter lengths are to be sizedaccordingly. In the case of ROLLBLOC dielifters for >

The effective slot depths Load carrying elements:

ROLLBLOC die lifters with Experience has shown that thelarge tolerance of this dimen-sion renders it >

Ball or Roller?

spring pressure are manufac-tured in relatively short lengths.They can be inserted in thetable slots and locked in posi-
tion one after the other or in adistributed layout. A particularadvantage of this configuration
is that individual sections canbe removed from the cross-overzone thus clearing space for the
required clamping elements.With ROLLBLOC die lifters for absolutely neces-sary ROLLBLOC ball version offerthe advantage of being able to easily move dies in any direction.In conjunction with different
die formats, this advantageensures to individually measure theslot depth. The slot depth mustbe specified to an accuracy of1/10 mm when ordering (see
order code Page 14/fold-in flap).Size deviations from the small-est size of the standard to thelargest slot depth can be sup-
plied at extra cost. hydraulic operation ,the cross-over zone and the diearea are added to the totallength of the required ROLL-
BLOC die lifters. The availablelengths are listed in the particularly short setuptimes . hydraulic operation , the die islowered onto the press table byway of pressure relief. The die is clamped when theROLLBLOC die lifters, that canbe moved and removed underthe die, are depressurised. ordertables ROLLBLOC roller version offer (from Page 14 onwards). double the load bearing capa-city . They enable exact lineartransfer of the die. This linear
technology requires accuratedie positioning during transferto the die table or to the die
loading arms. To further reduce rolling fric-tion, we recommend hardenedstrips on the underside of thedie.Unlike the ball version, theROLLBLOC die lifter with rollerscan also be used in the die baseplate (overhead installation).
When calculating the desirednumber of die lifters a smallerdie can be more crucial than abigger one, because there is a
smaller number of balls/rollerssupporting the die! >

Temperature resistance Mounting arrangement

The standard version of ROLL-BLOC die lifters is designed for
maximum temperatures of If the entire load bearing capacity of a ROLLBLOC dielifters is not required in full,
versions with half the number
of load carrying elements canbe ordered. Special versions available onrequest. 80C . The version for high tem-perature applications with-stands maximum temperaturesof up to 200аC . >

Lifting height: 1.5 mm above table level Hydraulic connection

When ordering ROLLBLOC dielifters for hydraulic operation,
specification of the thread con-nections G 1/8" or SAE_44-20 >

Achieving the required loadbearing capacity Rolling direction of ROLLBLOC roller version

must be added to the ordercode The length of the die base plate(in rolling direction) defines the In the standard version, the roll-ing direction is . longitudinalwith number of load carrying ball orroller elements. Multiplied bythe carrying force of the liftingelements (kN), the result repre-
sents the the die lifters. The follow-ing options are availablewithout extra charge: - Transverse rolling direction- Any rolling direction (on request)* Bottom of Page 14 die-specific load bear-ing capacity for the minimumlayout of 2 table slots. Further
table slots are simply equippedwith die lifters in order to in-crease the load bearing capacity. 13 >

ROLLBLOC Die Lifters
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