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G.R.A.S. 46AE 1/2'' CCP Free-field Standard Microphone Set - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Microphone Sets Simple Reliable Robust SOUND & VIBRATION

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Microphone Sets for industrial acoustic applications New approach With the unique transducer combinations G.R.A.S. is introducing a new approach to measurement microphones and to measurement data safety. By analyzing the feedback from our multi- as well as single-channel users we realized that there was a need for a different philosophy when choosing and using acoustic sensors. Daily situations where you mix up externally polarized and prepolarized microphones and preamplifiers or use wrong calibration data in the system setup are time consuming and often undiscovered until a whole set of measurement...

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Frequency Range 4 Hz - 80 kHz Dynamic Range LEMO input 36 dBA - 157 dB LEMO input LEMO input Included 3 m Microdot-BNC cable LEMO input Included 3 m Microdot-BNC cable Dynamic Range 17 dBA - 146 dB Sensitivity 50 mV / Pa LEMO input LEMO input LEMO input Included 3 m integrated LEMO cable Sound Source Sound Calibrator Type 42AB LEMO input Dynamic Range 17 dBA - 146 dB Sensitivity 50 mV / Pa Included 3 m integrated LEMO cable Cables for CCP* sets 3 m BNC-BNC Cable AA0035 10 m BNC-BNC Cable AA0037 Cables for LEMO* sets 3 m LEMO-LEMO Cable AA0008 10 m LEMO-LEMO Cable AA0009 Frequency range value is...

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The company is located in Denmark and founded by the Danish acoustics pioneer, Gunnar Rasmussen who for more than half a century has contributed to the world of sound and vibration with his unique ideas and designs. Mr. Rasmussen’s special understanding of acoustics, electronics, metallurgy and physics has during the years lead to many innovations in acoustic instrumentation and measurement techniques. From the first commercially available series of 1” measurement microphones to intensity probes and techniques, artificial ear simulators and hundreds of customized applications, focus has always...

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