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Catalogue and Pricelist - 12 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

THE FIRST WEDGE & POCKET MODUL SCAFFOLDING SYSTEM that meets all range of demands in every application > The efficient choice MORE PERFORMANCE - LESS EXPENSE size="-1">

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Scaffold including weatherproof set up in use on open pit mining excavator during maintenance and anticorrosion treatment. > Scaffold of a Railroad Bridge during anticorrosion treatment including translucent weatherproof set up. > KT-Module scaffolding in connection with gabled weather roof protection. > KT-Module scaffolding in use at a large chemical plant in Germany. In addition to a good adaptabil- ity concerning the construction, an absolute weatherproof set up is to be emphasized. The vertical cover secures the environment from dust soiling in a sandblast and paint treatment process. > An...

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ItemDimensionWeightArticle No.Price / each Base Head 0,46m2,0kgST046012,30 Standard 0,5m3,3kgST050014,80 1,0m5,5kgST100020,45 1,5m7,6kgST150027,50 2,0m9,8kgST200034,25 2,5m12,0kgST250046,60 3,0m14,2kgST300047,80 3,5m16,4kgST350054,85 4,0m18,6kgST400061,90 Ledger 0,35m1,5kgR035015,20 0,65m2,9kgR065015,95 1,00m4,2kgR100019,30 1,50m5,9kgR150021,90 2,00m7,7kgR200025,85 2,50m9,5kgR250029,60 3,00m11,2kgR300033,40 Transom with arretbolts for facade scaffold 1,0m4,5kgRA100029,10 Bridging Ledger 2,0m10,2kgRU200060,90 2,5m12,6kgRU250066,80 3,0m15,0kgRU300077,90 Intermediate transom for system free wood...

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ItemDimensionWeightArticle No.Price / each Ledger Fastener Suspension 0,8kgEH9,14 Standard Attachment 1,8kgSTA17,30 Diagonal Brace with swivel coupling Vertical-diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 3000 and Horizontal-diagonal W/L 2000/ 30003,606m15,0kgDD360638,70 Vertical-diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 3000 (slanted edgesinner diagonal/ base board)3,426m14,4kgDD342638,70 Vertical-diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 2500 and Horizontal-diagonal W/L 2000/ 25003,201m13,6kgDD320136,70 Horizontal-diagonal Brace W/L 1000/ 30003,162m13,5kgDD316242,00 Horizontal-diagonal Brace W/L 0650/ 30003,070m13,1kgDD307040,80 Vertical-diagonal...

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ItemDimensionWeightArticle No.Price / each Diagonal Brace with wedge head Diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 06502,250m9,7kgDK225030,84 Diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 10002,321m10,2kgDK232133,20 Diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 15002,546m11,3kgDK254633,90 Diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 20002,854m12,4kgDK285437,20 Diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 25003,215m13,6kgDK321540,80 Diagonal Brace H/W 2000/ 30003,611m15,0kgDK361145,00 Diagonal Brace H/W 1000/ 20002,231m10,2kgDK223133,20 Diagonal Brace H/W 1000/ 25002,682m11,9kgDK268235,70 Diagonal Brace H/W 1000/ 30003,147m13,5kgDK314740,50 Board Bracket 0,35 m 0,35m4,0kgKS035026,80 Board Bracket...

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ItemDimensionWeightArticle No.Price / each Steel Plank Steel Plank, self - secure0,65m6,1kgSB065035,04 Steel Plank, self - secure1,00m8,5kgSB100038,36 Steel Plank, self - secure1,50m10,6kgSB150042,88 Steel Plank, self - secure2,00m13,2kgSB200049,36 Steel Plank, self - secure for ladder walkway2,35m15,0kgSB235054,52 Steel Plank, self - secure2,50m15,8kgSB250057,52 Steel Plank, self - secure3,00m18,4kgSB300062,72 Trapdoor 0,65m15,0kgDK0650140,40 Trapdoor ladder with hungers 2,10m9,4kgL210037,44 Frame Ledger for walkways 1,65m23,0kgRD1650161,50 Transom 1-plank0,6m2,0kgRD060018,54 2-plank0,9m3,3kgRD090021,90...

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ItemDimensionWeightArticle No.Price / each System - Toe boards 0,65m2,0kgBB06509,90 1,00m2,5kgBB100011,80 1,50m3,8kgBB150013,00 2,00m5,0kgBB200014,70 2,50m6,3kgBB250015,80 3,00m7,3kgBB300016,70 Roof protection sheet - width 0,92 m 1,60m3,5kgSDP160014,72 Roof protection holder 0,24m0,6kgSDH02403,42 Toe board holder 0,15kgBBH1,68 Heavy Stringer 3,606m60,7kgTW178,00 Stringer Balustrade 3,788m30,1kgTG106,00 >

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G.M.B. Trade and Service Company Ltd. c/o KT-Modulgerst GmbH Gewerbepark 17 OT Litten 02627 Kubschtz bei Bautzen Germany > Telephone: + 49 3591 203388 켢׏ Hotline: + 49 151 14043314 ● Telefax: + 49 3591 276079 ● Email: info@kt-module.com ● Internet: www.kt-module.com CompanyNameAddressTel./FaxEmail Customer Reference No. > Item descriptionArticle No.QuantityPrice Total > Signature G.M.B. Trade and Service Company Ltd. Tax Office: Finanzamt Berlin-Neuklln TaxNo. 16/669/20751 TaxID No. DE179027519 size="-1">

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1 Validity, General Notes on Contract Agreemen t a ) The following General Terms and Conditions of Business in the version valid at the time of the order exclusively govern any business relationship and agreement between G.M.B. Trade & ServiceCompany Ltd. (hereafter DŽvendor) and the purchaser. These General Terms and Conditions of Business will remain valid for all future contracts, quotations, orders, deliveries and services agreedbetween the two p arties.b) Any conditions placed by the purchaser which deviate from those given below even when they represent the purchaserӒs Terms and Conditions...

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6 Despatch, Trans f er o f Hazards and Risks, Transport Insurance, Part Deliveries a ) The g oods are despatched carria g e unpaid, ex-vendorǒs f actor y in Bautzen at the cost and risk o f the purchaser b y handin g over the g oods to a transport compan y or f rei g ht f orwarder. O nce the g oods have been handed over to the transport compan y , the risk is trans f erred to the purchaser. This is also the case f or deliveries f ree house, inasmuch as this has been a g reed separatel y be f or e -hand. The vendor is not obli g ed to arran g e f or transport insurance. Part deliveries are permissible...

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b ) The purchasers obli g ator y examination is to be carried out f or the entire deliver y . The g oods are to be accepted despite an y de f ects and to be expertl y stored. The purchaser has to check the c ontractual accurac y o f the delivered g oods as well as the pre-processed and part-processed g oods sent f or corrective treatment. T he dut y o f the purchaser to inspect the delivered g oods is in nowa y waived when samples are sent. Normal commercial wear and tear cannot f orm the basis o f a claim or complaint . I f the g oods are delivered b y rail, b y commercial f rei g ht f orwarders,...

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c/o KT-Modulgerst GmbH Gewerbepark 17 OT Litten 02627 Kubschtz bei Bautzen GermanyTelephone: + 49 3591 203388 Hotline: + 49 151 14043314 Telefax: + 49 3591 276079 Email: info@kt-module.com Internet: www.kt-module.com >

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