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Power - 291 Pages

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Catalog excerpts

GEWISS S.p.A. Registered office: Via A. Volta, 1 - 24069 CENATE SOTTO (Bergamo) - Italy Tel. +39 035 946 111 - Fax +39 035 945 222 - gewiss@gewiss.com - www.gewiss.com Sole Shareholder company - Bergamo Register of Companies/ VAT / Tax code (IT) 00385040167 - REA 107496 - Share Capital 60,000,000.00 EUR fully paid up trade catalogue Four different catalogues, for an integrated system

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Gewiss Group FRANCE Gewiss France - Les Ulis GERMANY Gewiss Deutschland - Merenberg UNITED KINGDOM Gewiss U.K. - Cambourne SPAIN Gewiss Ibérica - Madrid PORTUGAL Gewiss Portugal - Penafiel CHINA Gewiss Trading (Shanghai) - Shanghai RUSSIA Gewiss Russia - Moscow TURKEY Gewiss Turkey - Istanbul ROMANIA Gewiss Romania - Bucharest UAE Gewiss Gulf - Dubai CHILE Gewiss Chile - Santiago de Chile HEAD OFFICES OF GEWISS - ITALY GEWISS HEADQUARTERS - ITALY

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An integrated system to help your projects take shape Domotics The domotic systems offer cutting-edge solutions for smart home and building management and control, guaranteeing safety, comfort and energy savings along with Italian design. Power The technologically advanced range of modular and moulded-case devices joins the vast range of distribution boards and cabinets, enclosures and combined boards to create the GEWISS Protection System.

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Building Junction boxes and special containers, a complete and coordinated line of distribution boards, cutting-edge industrial connections and an integrated system of boards for special systems create the GEWISS connection and distribution systems. Lighting Lighting systems designed for every room, area and location. Solutions that embrace LED technology to meet the requirements of industrial and commercial sector contexts, sport facilities and emergency lighting.

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Gewiss Professional Created from the technological evolution of GEWISS, the GEWISS Professional skills centre spreads an electro-technical culture to the main professionals in the sector such as installers, designers and teachers. Gewiss Professional provides: Training A wide range of courses for learning more about the main topics in the electrical sector, with particular focus on the most innovative technologies such as domotics. The Gewiss Professional training centre is certified on an international level and is able to issue the qualification of KNX Partner. Teaching Teaching courses, manuals...

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Kits and display stands The new kits and display stands are a useful tool for showing customers the products they can choose when creating their system. A handy aid for the work and business of all top electro-technical professionals. Technical promotion In recent years, GEWISS has dramatically increased its investments in training activities, by increasingly broadening the selection of activities dedicated to professionals of the electrotechnical sector, contributing towards the distribution and use of software tools that support the sizing, certification and cost estimation of plant engineering...

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WWW.GEWISS.COM: THE DIGITAL TOOL FOR YOUR BUSINESS The site dedicated to the final user has the goal of providing greater knowledge about the potentials of domotics, with consumers providing the installer with input about the solutions most suited to their home and requirements. Thanks to the involvement of users, GEWISS.COM represents and additional tool that the company makes available to you for creating new business opportunities. The Professional Area is dedicated to you professionals, which you can access from the home page by clicking on the “PROFESSIONAL AREA” link. IMAGINE WITH GEWISS An...

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Software Software A complete software suite for the design, budgeting and certification of the GEWISS range. START Software for the control and management of Gewiss programs. It shows all the characteristics of the various software packages by means of descriptions, pictures and video courses, making the choice easier. Software for the certification and cost estimate of boards for construction sites, wharfs and campsites, and distribution boards, with the possibility to automatically draw up the necessary technical documentation. GWDXF Software for managing the DXF drawings representing the Gewiss...

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Assistance services Technical Assistance Service > Assistance for the layout of contract specifications > Assistance for cost estimates > Design assistance > Application software consulting > Information about quality marks and homologation > Assistance for system documentation Technical Assistance Services > Gewiss product certification > Applications of Gewiss products sat@gewiss.com www.gewiss.com Gewiss SPA VIA A. VOLTA, 1 24069 CENATE SOTTO - BG - ITALY Trade Catalogue 2014 > Power > Assistance service 05/02/14 09:44

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Index Power 90 ReStart RANGE ReStart with Autotest MDC - Monobloc compact RCBOs BD - Add-on RCDs for MT circuit breakers BDHP - Add-on RCDs for MTHP circuit breakers Automatic reclosing devices modular devices 90 MCB RANGE Modular circuit breakers for circuit protection 90 RCD RANGE Modular circuit breakers for residual current protection Modular accessories Auxiliaries and accessories 76 Busbars and wiring components 78 Prewired string boards DC modular devices Products for photovoltaic systems Moulded-case circuit breakers for power distribution MSS - Rotary switch disconnectors 154 Front configuration Front...

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Add-on RCDs for MTX/M MCCBs Plug-in version Withdrawable version Accessories for MCCBs MTHP - High performance MCBs 45 Control Programming MTXM MTSM Internal configuration Complementary items Internal configuration Complementary items Internal configuration Complementary items Internal configuration Complementary items Internal configuration Complementary items SD - RCCBs Local RCDs protection Measurement Signalling range range range range Flat busbar distribution systems 255 Trade Catalogue 2014 > Power > Index EN_Book_new.indb 11 Shaped continuous profile busbar distribution systems 252

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Automatic reclosing devices The 90 ReStart range is made up of a wide range automatic reclosing devices which reset the coupled circuit breaker in total safety. Therefore ideal for all domestic, commercial and industrial applications. The main features are: •  System check before the automatic reclosing. •  The Autotest versions test working condition of the residual current device without interrupting the power supply from the electrical system. •  PRO and TOP versions for professional applications.

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