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Silo and bin discharger - 2 Pages

Gericke: Type RA
silo and bin discharger
Designed for bulk materials with
medium to poor flow characteristics
Applications include:
n Discharging and feeding from
silos and hoppers into dense
phase and lean phase pneumatic
conveying systems
n Fast loading of loss-in-weight
feeders with integral outlet valve
for complete product flow isolation
n Component feeding into weigh
hoppers or batch mixers
n Discharging from blended product
hoppers without segregation
n Mulit-outlets (up to 4) for
distribution to more than one
point including:
- mills and mixers
- FIBC big bag or sack fillers
- filling machines
- containers and drums
- mainstream processing
- re-cycling
Leaflet No. 608_uk
Powder Processing Equipment and Systems

Silo and bin discharger
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    Discharging, feeding,isolation valve, distributionMaximising storage volume with limited headheightModel 550 800 1200 Internal diameter dimension...
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