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Just cool with green: GEA Küba market SP
The new standard for basic refrigeration applications

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GEA Küba market SP
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    GEA Küba market SPThe new standard for basic refrigeration applicationsHinged, integrated fan systemIntegrated electrical terminal boxType designation...
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    ' EUROVENTr C E R T I F I ED' PERFORMANCE GEA Kuba market SP Kiiba HFE® fin-tube systemCapacity range (for SC2)0.9 kW34.9 kWTemperature range (tL1)-25°C...
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    Applications Cooling of packaged goods Commercial refrigeration with low traffic Supermarkets Basic cooling applicationsGEA Küba market SPApplication...
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    GEA Küba market SPfrom the GEA Küba Green Line production rangeMaximum energy efficiency Küba HFE® system combines the thermodynamicTheand...
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    GEA Küba market SPStandard types and variantsCasingHeat exchanger fordirect expansionFan system Smooth aluminum eat exchanger with staggered tubeH...
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