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Rotor Construction

High Speed Medium Speed Low Speed

4-6 Pole Solid Rotors 8-14 Pole Rotor Construction Greater than 14 poles

High speed rotors need maximumstrength and stiffness to provide a
long life. GE Motors makes its high
speed rotor from a solid cylindrical
forging and machines out the pole
bodies and pole tips. The field wind-
ings are edge wound copper strips
with dimensionally stable insulation
material bonded between the turns.
Every turn has mechanically locked
and brazed corner joints for maxi-
mum strength and every other turn is
larger for more efficient cooling. Medium speed machine shafts are
manufactured of forged or rolled
steel and machined to exact applica-
tion specifications. The shaft ends
are normally cylindrical, tapered
or flanged. Low speed machine designs are
another strength for GE Motors.
Our rotor designs typically include
a forged steel shaft along with a
fabricated steel hub, web and rim to
support the field windings. The rim
diameter and thickness is selected to
suit the inertia requirements as well
as meet the electrical requirements
of the design. Field windings are
optimized to suit the application
utilizing rectangular copper wire or
copper strip all provided with our
well-proven Class F insulation system.
The amortisseur winding design, a
key to reliability, is also optimized
to suit the specific application. GE Solid Rotor Design Benefits ֕High thermal capacity more frequent starts and/or high load inertia capability֕High operating efficiency leads to minimal operating costsFewer components
ՕReduced mechanical stress
Improved mechanical stability from minimal vibration levelsՕProven experience from a technology innovator >
Strip wound field poles,are slid onto the spiderand locked into place with steel keys.Slow speed bolted pole Quadramatic TM rotorconstruction 4 and 6 pole solid rotor construction A 4-pole rotor startsas a single, stepped
forging.The shaft ,spider andthe 4 poles and pole
tips are created by
machining away
part of the forging.The stripwound fieldwinding is added to
complete the rotor. 4 size="-2">

Series 9000 Large Synchronous Machines
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