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wwwJaserpro Lcom LaserPro C180 The C180 is designed to provide an enjoyable engraving exprience. Underneath the stylish exterior is a full 18"x12" (458 x 309 mm) working area. Engraving depth can be easily extended from the normal 4 inches to 6 inches in less than a minute. The C180 is an ail purpose laser engraving System that delivers spectacular engraving and cutting results and makes every job a pleasant working exprience. Open Front Door Design The top cover coupled with the front door open design allows casy loading of working pi驨ces. Drag-N-Engrave The "Drag-N-Engrave" feature greatly reduces the complex set up procdures and allows the users to directly drag the lens carriage to the starting point of a job. Built-in SmartBox The built-in SmartBox"J feature produces a downward pulling force to keep light items in place creating a stable working environment. 9- Programmable Origin Modes Easy lo use position modes allow the operator an effortless way to setup a job. Rp驩titive workflows can be drastically simplifjed by relocaling the origin position to any desired location. DC Servo Motor and Reliable Motion System The C180 utilizes high performance DC servo motors for prcise and fasl carriage movement combined with a reliable motion System to produce exceptionally accurate outputs. Internai LED Lighttng Internai LED lighting illumintes the working space giving a clear view of the work in progress. LaserPro Om 颕 User Friendly Features ' SmartPIN Auto Focus The plug and piay probe design makes focusing a one-touch process and provides the accuracy and prcision required for optimum quality in the lasering process. Simple and Intuitive Control Panel A user-friendly menu-driven interface System simplifies opration. Hot keys design and job status display facilit驢tes your work and makes it clear and easy to carry out. SmartCENTER The super user-friendly SmartCENTERٙ function helps end users to easily and automatically locale the center point of objecta of any shape vastiy eliminating tedious setup time. Anodized Mtal Signage Stamp Making Stone / Tile

Laser engraving machine C180
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