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G.B.M. shuttering panels are high-quality, 3-ply wooden panels, made of spruce and fir wood acquired from sustainable forests. The panels are fully coated with a highly resistant melamine resin, giving them excellent protection. They are mostly used for paneling concrete constructions, but can also be used for other purposes due to their exceptional functionality. They are distinguished for their superior quality, durability and multiple use. Qualities IThe G.B.M. shuttering panel ■ is a high-quality 3-ply solid wood panel, made of spruce and fir wood. It consists of the layers glued crosswise with...

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Wooden formwork H20 beams G.B.M. H20 and G.B.M. H20+ are the strongest and lightest formwork beams made of engineered fir and spruce wood. Our formwork beams are produced in various standard lengths. With Chords made of high-quality and graded massive finger-jointed timber, Webs made with a 3-ply laminated wood panels and optional protective cap that prevents the beam to be exposed to premature chipping on the chord ends, G.B.M. H20 and G.B.M. H20+ assure sustainability and durability in all climate zones. Product Wood species Wood moisture Weight Gluing Surface protection Chord Wooden formwork...

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Chart of value of charge uipments building eq Total load (kN/m2) Chart of value of charge 0,27 0,33 0,37 0,47 0,41 0,55 0,66 1,11 1,24 Example of calculation: Floor thickness: 20 cm, distance between crossbeams: 0,75 m; we are looking for the distance between 0,23 the main beams and the 0,22 0,31 0,26 0,35 0,44 0,39 0,52 0,62 0,79 1,17 1,05 supports. The permissible distance between main beams according to table 10,37 m. The identical or0,29 smaller 0,25 = 2,60 next distance between main beams 0,21 0,33 0,42 0,59 0,49 0,75 0,99 1,11 in = 2,5 for 0,23 0,20 0,35 0,31 0,40 0,47 0,56 1,06 table 2...

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