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COZIR™ (uncased) - 3 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

COZIR™ Ultra Low Power Carbon Dioxide Sensor COZIR is an ultra low power (3.5mW4), high performance CO2 sensor, ideally suited for battery operation and portable instruments. Based on patented IR LED and Detector technology and innovative optical designs, COZIR is the lowest power NDIR sensor available. Optional temperature and humidity sensing are available. COZIR is a third generation product from Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd – leaders in IR LED CO2 sensing. With measurement ranges of 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm and 0-1%, the COZIR Ambient (Uncased)7 Sensor is suitable for applications such as Building Control and Horticulture.  Measurement ranges from 0 to 1% Peak current only 33mA Optional Temperature and Humidity Output COZIR™ Ambient Sensor (Uncased)7 Specifications General Performance Warm-up Time Operating Conditions Recommended Storage < 10s. 1.2 secs to first reading. 0°C to 50°C (Standard) -25°C to 55°C (Extended range) 0 to 95% RH, non-condensing -30°C to +70°C CO2 Measurement Sensing Method Sample Method Measurement Range Accuracy Calibration Non Linearity Pressure Dependence Operating Pressure Range Response Time Non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) absorption Patented Gold-plated optics Patented Solid-state source and detector Diffusion 0-2000ppm, 0-5000ppm, 0-1% ±50 ppm +/- 3% of reading1 Autocalibration6 < 1% of FS 0.13% of reading per mm Hg in normal atmospheric conditions. 950 mbar to 1050 mbar2 30 secs to 3 mins (Configurable via filter type and application)3 Reading refreshed twice per second.3 Information supplied by GSS Ltd is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by GSS Ltd for its use. COZIR™ Ambient Sensor www.gassensing.co.uk © GSS

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Information supplied by GSS Ltd is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no COZIR™ Ambient Sensor

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Pin 2 should not be connected. Pins 4 and 6 do not require connection and are internally connected to GND. The zeroing options are for hardware zeroing (both active low). These functions can also be implemented by sending a serial command (recommended). Typical connections for digital interface are GND, 3.3V, Rx and Tx. Note that the Vh for the serial Tx line will be 3V regardless of the supply voltage. The analog (voltage) output is available only when specified. Otherwise, N/C. Temperature & Humidity Measurement5 Optional Temperature and Humidity sensor (only available as digital output) Sensing...

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