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the Tytronics Sentinel

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Measure Technique Typical Range(s) Remarks Acids Titration Varies Potentiometric titration; various acids Alkalinity Titration Varies Colorimetric titration for total alkalinity and potentiometric for P and M values. Aluminum Colorimetric 0 to 100 ppb to 0 to 2 ppm Lower levels measured on potable water. Ammonia Colorimetric 0 to 100 ppb to 0 to 25 ppm Uses the modified Berthelot method. Ammonia ISE 0 to 2 ppm to 0 to 100 ppm Direct or using SKA method. Caustic & Carbonate Titration Varies Caustic scrubber Chlorine Colorimetric 0 to 500 ppb to 0 to 3 ppm Free and/or total available chlorine...

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Galvanic Applied Sciences USA manufactures the complete brand of Tytronics > ή on-line wet chemical and gas analyzers. The Tytronics > products include the Sentinel On-line Analyzers. These analyzers use Γstate of the art technology to perform colorimetric, titrimetric, ISE, and spectrophotometric analyses. These analyzers can be configured to perform many EPA and ASTM wet chemical methods, as well as many Standard Methods. The Sentinel analyzers use a modular design that can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the customerԒs application.The Sentinel Analyzers are capable of...

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