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Catalogue excerpts

LaboratoryProcess SulfurChemiluminescence Analyzers >

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Galvanic Applied Sciences manufactures a complete line of ғstate of the art analyzersfor lab and process applications which employ sulfur chemiluminescence technology to detect sulfur in a wide variety of hydrocarbon samples. These analyzers measure total sulfur in liquids and sulfur components via gas chromatography in vapor samples.Some chemiluminescence applications:? Refined petroleum liquid products ? LPG and LNG products ? Pipeline natural gas and odorization systems ? Refinery and plant fuel gas ? Gasoline and diesel ? Carbon dioxide monitoring for beverages ? Ethylene and propylene Sulfur...

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Due to the reactive nature of sulfur compounds, calibration standards containing multiple sulfur components are normallyunstable. This is particularly true at the lower ppm levels. The equal and selective response to sulfurs from the Sulfur Chemiluminescence DetectorӔ allows the standard to be made up with a single least reactive sulfur component in an inert background gas such as nitrogen. This standard is then available for on-line auto calibration and reference check functions eliminating most of the expensive technician time required for other calibration methods commonly used only in the...

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The Galvanic AppliedSciences model 840is a lab analyzerdesigned to measuretotal sulfur in gases orliquids. Samples areinjected into a heatedvaporization blockthrough a septum,either manually or withan auto injector. The840 is highly flexible,allowing analysis ofliquids or gases over alarge range of sulfur concentrations. The operation of the 840 is controlled by Peak Simple > Ү software running on a PC or laptop. Extensive reporting options areavailable, and automated operation is possible with the optional auto injector. No column is required, and analysis times range from three minutes for natural...

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Gaseous Range Sulfur ComponentsSulfur Components01ppm 0֖1%01ppm 0֖1%01ppm 0֖1%01ppm 0֖1%10 ppb detectability10 ppb detectability10 ppb detectability10 ppb detectability Liquid Range Total Sulfur Total Sulfur 010 ppmN/A100 ppb detectabilityN/A100 ppb detectability Number of Streams 1114 plus calibration Sample Injection System SyringeValco Model VIIIABB Model LSV 791Valco Model VIII Chromatography NoYesNoYes Linearity 2%2%2%2% Repeatability 2%2%2%2% Response Time 5 min Typical5 min Typical5 min Typical5 min Typical Electrical Classification (std) General PurposeGeneral PurposeGeneral PurposeGeneral...

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