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Mechanical machining and construction - 16 Pages

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Mechanical machining and construction

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Mechanical Machining

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MECHANICAL MACHINING AND CONSTRUCTION The Mechanical Machining and Construction Division at Galbiati Group is the ideal partner qualified for custom construction of mid- and large-sized components that require high quality standards. Experience, teamed with our continuously updated production technology, has led to long-term relationships with leading companies in the steel, energy, and general engineering industries. Our goal goes beyond simply performing the high-quality machining requested. Our know-how gives the company leverage to improve products or to offer alternative solutions, to...

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Certified Quality: Extreme accuracy without tolerances Thanks to its ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25 three dimensional measuring machine, the Galbiati Group is among few Italian companies capable of performing inspections on large-sized components for applications requiring extremely close tolerances, as well as issuing the dimensional certification. In addition to dimensional inspection, the following non-destructive inspections are performed on materials: Magnetic test MT Dye penetrant test PT Ultrasonic test US

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STEAM/GAS POWER PLANTS Machining of components for the steam, gas, and nuclear energy industry Turbine housing machining WIND GENERATORS Machining of components for wind generation systems Frame during painting Wind mill rotor machining

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COMPONENTS FOR MACHINE TOOLS Machining components for machine tools Milling and drilling of a rotating table for a machining center Table slide machining on a boring machine METAL FORMING PRESSES Machining press components for metal forming Boring, drilling, and milling of large-size machine bed for a drawing press Boring, drilling, and milling of head for high-speed press (detail view of crankshaft main bearing bushings)

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Mechanical Machining □ GEAR REDUCER HOUSINGS Boring and Milling of Medium and Large-sized Gear Reducer Housings Boring of parallel axis drive for straightening machine Boring of drive housing for tilting converter Machining Marine Gear Reducers Machining of marine gearbox housing Shipping of gearbox housing for CODOG marine propulsion

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EQUIPMENT FOR MOTORS, ALTERNATORS, AND TRANSFORMERS Equipment for Electric Motors Supply of the electrowelded frame and vertical turning and boring of MCF rotor spider TUNNEL BORING MACHINES TBM Equipment Machining Example of the main bearings for a tunnel boring machine Main bearings for TBM (tunnel boring machine)

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ROLLING MILLS Machining of Rolling Mill Components Boring of drive housing Example of milling for a mill housing performed on a boring machine. Cast steel, weight 117 ton PUMP STATIONS Machining of Pump Housings Boring, drilling, and milling of axial pump station for pumping water Boring, drilling, and milling of axial pump station for pumping oil

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DEFENSE INDUSTRY Machining of Defense Industry Antenna frame segments Machining of an electrowelded frame for a radar antenna

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Dimensional inspection ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25 Technical characteristics CAM2 LASER TRACKER XI Technical characteristics Precision 10 nm/m Measuring range 0-35 m N.D. TESTS U.T - M.T - P.T - V.T. tests - by qualified staff Boring PAMA SPEEDRAM 1000 Technical characteristics Table travel PAMA SPEEDRAM 1000 Technical characteristics Table travel PAMA SPEEDRAM 2 Technical characteristics Table travel PAMA SPEEDMAT 4 Technical characteristics Longitudinal travel Rotary table PAMA AT 150 Technical characteristics Rotary table PAMA SPEEDMAT 110 Technical characteristics CASTEL RED AT Technical...

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Milling PAMA SPEEDRAM 1000 F Technical characteristics MECOF MILLER M1 Technical characteristics FPT SIRIO 4000 Technical characteristics Machining centre MANDELLI M 14 U Technical characteristics Turning (vertical) MORANDO VHN 30 VERTICAL TURNING MACHINE Max. swing over bed Max. height of centres over bed MORANDO SC-22 VERTICAL TURNING MACHINE WITH MILLING SPINDLE Max. swing over bed Max. height of centres over bed MORANDO VERTICAL TURNING MACHINE Max. swing over bed Max. height of centres over bed Machining shop 20 CRANES Technical characteristics GIARDINA PAINTING AND DRYING BOOTH...

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Mechanical Machining

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Mechanical Machining Galbiati Group - Engineering & Machining 23848 Oggiono (LC) Via Ca Bianca Pascolo, 26 Italy I Tel +39 341 2633260 Mechanical Machining and Construction Division:

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