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Galbiati Group

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GENERAL INDEX Galbiati Group overview 5 Five divisions Galbiati Group in numbers Location Quality & control Dimensional control Non-destructive tests Certicates Engineering department Design, co-design, exibility Machining capacity Machining capacity Types of mechanical manufacture Types of mechanical manufacture

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GALBIATI GROUP OVERVIEW The Group Galbiati Group is an Italian company, internationally- since 1962, Galbiati Group is successful in all markets that require high standard precision components and machining, construction. Specialized in machining large-sized components

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GALBIATI GROUP OVERVIEW Group primarily serves capable of inspecting and certifying its own parts using the ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25 three-dimensional measuring engineering industries. From machining, to engineering, manufacturing and revamping of machines, the Galbiati Group has made exibility and quality its strenght. Galbiati Group has no “standard catalogue”. Instead, there are thousands of Galbiati customized products and machinery throughout the world. Galbiati Group is one of the few Italian companies

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GALBIATI GROUP OVERVIEW Five Divisions The wide-ranging know-how acquired over decades and technology, have led the Group to establish five of working side-by-side with major industrial groups combined with signicant investments in equipment Mechanical machining and construction by G albiati Group Gear Reducers by Galbiati Group Engineering and Construction of Mechanical Machines by G albiati Group Deep Hole Drilling Machines by Galbiati Group Presses and Notching Machines by G albiati Group

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GALBIATI GROUP OVERVIEW Galbiati Group in numbers COVERED AREAS HOURS URS AVAILABILITY AILA TY Legend Existing buildings Buildings under construction

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Galbiati Group Engineering & Machining

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GALBIATI GROUP OVERVIEW Location The Galbiati Group has its roots and history in a territory Growth has always taken place with the respect for the such as that of Lecco district, traditionally associated territory, the environment and the beautiful countryside, with iron working, where industry and natural countryside which is priceless for all those living and working there. can live alongside without clashing.

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QUALITY & CONTROL Quality Quality is the result of an optimized manufacturing Final inspection of all machined products: inspection process where each individual phase is controlled. according to the regulations outlined in international Thanks to the high level of accuracy of the machining standards and in line with all customer specications. performed and the advanced technology applied, Galbiati Group has been awarded with wide recognition Testing is performed by qualied technicians in compliance from domestic and international customers. with the current regulations. This brought the...

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QUALITY & CONTROL Dimensional Control: Certified Quality and Precision Galbiati Group is also qualied to re-mark products Thanks to its ZEISS MMZ-G 30 60 25 three dimensional according to the “Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/ coordinate measuring machine (operating range: L 6 m x D 3 m x H 2.5 m) housed in a controlled climate room, manufacturing process. the Galbiati Group is among few Italian companies capable of performing inspections on large-sized components for applications requiring an uncertainty of The reference standard for recertication of the measurements in micron, as well...

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QUALITY & CONTROL Non-destructive Testing Material Quality and Product Quality In addition to dimensional controls the following non-destructive tests can be carried out:

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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT Design, co-design, flexibilty In the Engineering Department there is a pool of degree of deformation and optimize geometries and engineers, specialized technicians, and designers re-engineering of customer machines. with direct experience in a variety of elds and industries. This highly exible team is ready to work with The skills developed throughout years of engineering our customers to satisfy all their needs, using the most allow to reach the targets we set with the best technical modern design tools. solution. The Galbiati Group Engineering Department cooperates...

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MACHINING CAPACITY Machining capacity High-tech machine tools with a 3000 x 2000 mm table 10x15x4m pit for the manufacturing of large machines and up to 18 m travel, allow Galbiati to perform CNC with a painting booth (11x6x5m), 4.000 m2 of total boring, drilling and milling on parts up to 120 tons. assembly oor with lifting equipment up to 250 tons. The company also has an assembly shop with a

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Galbiati Group / Engineering & Machining 23848 Oggiono (Lc) Italy / Via Cà Bianca Pascolo, 26 / Tel. +39 0341 26 331 / Fax +39 0341 263 33 00 /

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