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Engineering and costruction of mechanical machines - 12 Pages

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Engineering and costruction of mechanical machines

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ENGINEERING AND CONSTRUCTION OF MECHANICAL Galbiati Group manufactures high-precision, large metal working machines. The machines are custom built according to customer designs and projects or are fully designed at Galbiati based on the customer's specifications, The experience our Engineering, Production, and Assembly Department staff has gained over the years allows us to meet the challenges set our by the applied engineering industry, Objective: Identify the best technical solution to fulfill a need, meet a demand, or A few examples of mechanical constructions: □ TUNNEL BORING MACHINES □...

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MILL STANDS “Skin-Pass” Stand Mill stand chokes, AG Cylinders, and Accessories Fully assembled “Skin-Pass” stand including piping and wiring; total weight 200 ton Special accessories for mill stands: AG Cylinders, Sliding Blocks, Rails, Base Plates, hydraulic strip feed and unloading systems, etc.

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Aluminium Hot Mill Stand Pre-assembly, Piping, and Inspection Complete manufacturing and preassembly of a max. 4300 mm wide aluminum hot strip mill Mill stand assembly area equipped with overhead travelling 160 ton, 14 m hook crane

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STEEL SHEET SHEARS Mechanical Rocking Shear The blades are actuated by the coordinated rotation of two eccentric shafts, driven by two independent gear trains, each one powered by 900 kW electric motors at 1000 rpm After pre-assembly and test at Galbiati Group workshop, the entire rocking shear was dismantled in sub-assemblies and transported by sea to its final destination in India. On site, it was reassembled by qualified personnel and immediately entered production, to the complete satisfaction of the local engineers Pendular Shears for Continuous Thin Sheet Metal Cutting Gear trains for...

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ANTENNAS AND RADIO TELESCOPES Mechanical components for satellite dishes and radio telescopes Elevating segments with high precision teeth produced using 5-axes CNC machine tools. Pitch adjusted between two neighboring segments. Chord readings inspected on the entire set of 6 contiguous segments (nominal reference diameter of the gear greater than 28 m) High stiffness slides for the support and Azimuth rotation of the entire SRT radio telescope. Photo taken during assembly and inspection in our workshop Assembly of special elevation system with permanent magnet linear motor Radio telescope...

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□ TUNNEL BORING MACHINES "TBM" Tunnel Boring Machines Cutter head of the TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) rotating head, excavation diameter from 4 m to more than 12 m □ HYDRAULIC MECHANICAL PRESSES I High Tonnage Hydraulic Mechanical Presses Hydraulic press built to customer design specifications for the Hydraulic press built to customer design specifications for the production of automotive panels. production of structural insulated panels including process steam Operating capacity: 350 ton lines

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Galbiati Group - Engineering & Machining 23848 Oggiono (LC) Via Ca Bianca Pascolo, 26 Italy I Tel +39 341 2633260 Engineering and Construction of Mechanical Machine Division:

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