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Underwater Pelletizers - 12 Pages

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Underwater Pelletizers
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Catalog excerpts

PELLET PROCESSING SYSTEMS FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY GALA PELLETIZERS & PELLETIZING SYSTEMS © SEPTEMBER 2010 • GALA INDUSTRIES, INC. INSIDE THIS BROCHURE: • About Gala Pelletizers • Benefits • Process Flow Schematic • Pelletizer Rates • Gala Pelletizer Models • Gala Pelletizing Systems • Special Applications • Pelletizer Components • Support Information • Request a Quotation APPLICATIONS FOR GALA UNDERWATER PELLETIZERS Quality Innovation Commitment Service • Compounding • Masterbatch Production • Virgin Resin Production • Engineering Resins • Medical Polymers • Food Grade Polymers • Plastics Recycling • Micropellets • Hot Melt Adhesives • Thermoplastic Elastomers • Wood Polymer Composites • Research & Development • And more…. www.gala-industries.com • www.gala-europe.de

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GALA UNDERWATER PELLETIZERS Gala has provided underwater pelletizers for the Plastics Industry since the mid-seventies for pelletizing rates from 2 kg/h to 15.000 kg/h. Gala Underwater Pelletizing Systems are designed to provide solutions for our Customers’ most relevant economic and ecological needs: • • • • Safe pelletizing process Low energy requirements Flexible floor arrangement Automated start-up, shutdown, and remote operation for operator-independent process Increased efficiency and capacity due to less waste Smooth, uniform pellets Pellet size range flexibility to suit Customer needs...

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SPRING LOADED PELLETIZER MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE PELLETIZER AUTOMATED ADJUSTMENT PELLETIZER The Spring Loaded Cutter (SLC) is a cost efficient solution for pelletizing basic polymers at lower rates. The Manually Adjustable Pelletizer (MAP) features a manual adjusting wheel to position the blades against the die plate. This simple blade adjustment design provides visual blade wear indication and maximum control of blade position. The hydro-pneumatically adjusted cutter (A5-PAC) and the electronically adjusted cutter (EAC) offer fully automated control of blade adjustment. The SLC pelletizer uses constant...

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PROCESS SCHEMATIC The process schematic shows the flow of resin through a Gala Underwater Pelletizing System. Material is fed into an extruder or melt pump, which forces the molten polymer through a screen changer and/or polymer diverter, then through the pelletizer die plate. As the polymer emerges from the die, pellets are cut by rotating blades and are solidified by the process water flowing across the die face inside the cutting chamber. The process water transports the pellets to a centrifugal dryer where the water is removed and the dry pellets are discharged. The process water is contained...

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GALA PELLETIZING SYSTEMS Gala is a worldwide leader in the production of underwater pelletizing systems for pellet rates up to 15.000 kg/h. Gala has established benchmarks in the development of standardized modular pelletizing systems which permit economical and technical solutions for a wide variety of applications, e.g.: The typical Gala pelletizing system consists of three main components that can be customized for each pelletizing situation: 1. Pelletizer and die plate 2. Tempered Water System (TWS) with Centrifugal Dryer • Compounding • Masterbatch Production • Virgin Resin Production • Engineering...

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GALA PELLETIZING SYSTEMS The FLEXLINE PELLETIZING SYSTEM The EDGE™ SYSTEM The EDGE™ SYSTEM is designed to economically pelletize and dry thermoplastics — PE, PP, PS, Flex. PVC and more at pellet rates up to 1.000 kg/h. The FLEXLINE PELLETIZING SYSTEM permits complex product changes within a matter of minutes, minimizing downtime. Quick start-up Engineered to include the fundamental operational and safety concepts of Gala’s more complex underwater pelletizing systems Repeatable results Minimum labor required Flexibility to process a wider range of formulations Wear resistant tooling Minimizes quality...

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GALA DIRECT CRYSTALLIZATION PROCESS TECHNOLOGY An exciting development for the industry and specifically for crystallizing polymers is the Direct Crystallization Process. This process avoids the use of expensive pre-crystallizers and crystallizers prior to taking the pellets into the SSP process or other downstream after-treatment processes. The direct crystallization process offers two energy reducing elements. It retains sufficient heat in the pellets to cause the polymer to crystallize without any additional external heat required. It also allows the free flowing pellets to go directly into...

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COMPONENTS OF THE PELLETIZING SYSTEMS DIE PLATE MULTI-ZONE DIE PLATE HEATING CONCEPT The die plate is the heart of the Gala underwater pelletizing system. All Gala dies are custom designed to fit each customer’s specific polymer requirements. The material of construction and wear face material are determined by the specifications of the Customer’s application. All die face surface materials provide maximum wear life before resurfacing is required. Model 6 Die Plate Insert Gala’s standard electrically heated die is suitable for most applications; however, oil or steam heating can be utilized. The...

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CUTTER BLADES CUTTING CHAMBER D2 is the material of construction known as the benchmark of the industry. This material will usually get the job done at a low price. The primary element is 12% Chrome which gives the blade good toughness and rust resistance. The cutting chamber is the housing in which the pellets are actually cut. The pelletizer is coupled to the cutting chamber, which places the cutter 440A Stainless Steel (available on special request only) has an 18% Chrome content and is part of the stainless steel family of tool steels. This is the best tool steel offering for knives that are...

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COMPONENTS OF THE PELLETIZING SYSTEMS POLYMER DIVERTER VALVE (PoDV) The polymer diverter valve is used to direct the polymer melt from the pump or extruder to the floor, to the side, or directly into the die plate. This is an indispensable function during start-up for difficult products that are sensitive to temperature fluctuation. In underwater pelletizing, an optimized volume flow per die hole must be ensured right from the start. Most of the upstream equipment responds rather slowly, e.g. ramping up of the extruder. The polymer diverter permits a controlled start-up of these upstream components...

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