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Micropellet Technology

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PELLET PROCESSING SYSTEMS FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY MICROPELLET TECHNOLOGY © JUNE 2013 • GALA INDUSTRIES, INC. ala began producing micropellets in 1980. Since that time the capability of our machines to cut increasingly smaller micropellets has advanced considerably by developing improvements to both equipment and processing technology. Gala’s established, dedicated team addresses micropellet inquiries and ensures the best equipment is chosen for each application. We currently have systems running up to 1.5 t/hr of 500 – 600 micron PE micropellets. To produce micropellets, the polymer melt must be supplied at high pressure to the die plate. It should also be filtered to prevent blocking of the die plate holes, which would require the use of a gear pump and screen changer. At the die head a polymer diverter valve will direct melt accurately to the die. The die plates themselves are configured to cope with the various demands of the different applications including the use of extra low pressure designs, very thermally efficient characteristics and appropriate hole configurations. The selection of cutter hubs, like the selection of die plates, is derived from many years of extensive experience in this area. The micropellet tempered water systems are variants of the successful standard Gala units, and feature Gala dryer-86120.html">centrifugal dryers suitable for the micropellet application. Special high performance ML screens enhance the drying efficiency. Gala micropelletising systems are customised to suit the size and output specification of the production requirement. We can supply lab units as well as large production units for micropellet applications. The nature of the material will determine the minimum pellet size possible, but certainly sizes of 400-500 microns are common. ADVANTAGES & BENEFITS • • • • • BETTER FLOWABILITY VIRTUALLY DUST-FREE POTENTIALLY FASTER COOK TIMES / REDUCED COOK TEMPERATURES BETTER COLOR DISTRIBUTION SMALLER PELLETS (MICROS) OFFER INCREASED SURFACE AREA-TO-VOLUME RATIO www.gala-industries.com • www.gala-europe.de

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he first question most people ask when confronted with very small micropellets is, “What are they used for?” This is why the Gala micropellet team is application orientated. It is not unusual to find us involved with the end process. Examples of Applications: Rotomolding – Micropellets offer advantages not only for small intricate technical mouldings, such as offering higher bulk density and high part definition, but also for large part mouldings where reduction in cycle times or temperatures are experienced. A major advantage over powder is the elimination of the two-step compounding and...

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