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HMA Production Systems

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PELLET PROCESSING SYSTEMS FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY HOT MELT ADHESIVE PRODUCTION SYSTEMS © JUNE 2013 • GALA INDUSTRIES, INC. ala Systems for HMA Production are designed to be cost effective at pellet rates up to 4.550 kg/h. The typical Gala HMA Production System will include a Vessel, Booster Pump, Melt Pump, Screen Changer, Melt Cooler / Hot Oil System, Polymer Diverter Valve with side discharge, Water Box By-Pass, Underwater Pelletizer, Tempered Water System, dryer-86120.html">Centrifugal Dryer and Process Control System. Gala offers a PSA Bagging System for 500 - 1.000 kg/h of 0.45 kg and 0.9 kg bags. Rates of 1.500 - 2.000 kg/h with 0.9 kg bags only. All components are chosen and sized around each Customer’s application requirements. Higher yields with Gala Form™ pellets than produced with traditional forms. Greater return on investment Less space is required One-button start and stop of the system Low noise level, typically <80 dB(A) Low energy costs; cost-efficient water preparation Pelletizing systems are available for installation downstream of extruders, mixers and vessels with melt delivery pumps. Hot melt adhesives in Gala Form™ are easy to handle. Hot melt adhesives are easy to pelletize in the various sizes demanded by the market. With a Gala system, pelletizing hot melt adhesives with a viscosity from 5,000 cps (or greater) is possible without utilizing a melt cooler. By employing a melt cooler, hot melt adhesives of very low viscosity (400 cps) can be processed into Gala Form™ pellets. •

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GALA FORM™. . . Experience the Difference! Gala has numerous HMA Pelletizing Systems in operation worldwide, pelletizing a wide variety of hot melt adhesive ranging from EVA based to PA, Polyester, APAO, APP, PP, PE, TPE, phenolic resin, rubber base and adhesive grade TPU. Gala’s Technical Center is available to prospective Customers who wish to test their own products to confirm the suitability of the Gala System for their applications, and for our Customers for assistance in material development and R&D. Our goal is for Gala Form™ to be the industry standard in Hot Melt Adhesive Gala’s...

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