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Engineering Resins

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PELLET PROCESSING SYSTEMS FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY ENGINEERED RESINS © JUNE 2013 • GALA INDUSTRIES, INC. s the technology expansion of underwater die face pelletizing grows faster than ever, Gala continues to focus on customer needs by developing equipment to suit the underwater pelletizing and drying needs of engineered resin producers and compounders. Use of the underwater pelletizer is growing in markets previously dominated by strand pelletizers, and with good reason. The Gala Underwater Pelletizer is the most versatile pelletizer available, with thousands of applications running worldwide, processing everything from commodity resins to custom engineered resins. Gala’s experience in the engineered resins market includes virgin resin production applications as well as special compounding operations. Rate capabilities from 10 kg/h to 15.000 kg/h make the Gala Underwater Pelletizer suitable for lab and pilot scale systems to full scale resin production applications. A particular advantage of using the Gala Underwater Pelletizer for engineered resins is the ability to process a wide range of viscosities, as well as very soft and sticky grades of these polymers. Bottle grade polyester Just a Few of the Advantages of the Gala Underwater Pelletizing System: • Low noise • Less dust • Compact • Less waste • No fumes released into environment • Requires less operator attention and maintenance Much of Gala’s technology targets the increasing number of reactor applications processing materials such as Thermoplastic Polyurethane, Polyamides, Polyesters and Polycarbonates. Continual effort has been applied in designing Gala Underwater Pelletizing Systems to address issues of: • Operator safety • Minimization of downtime • Reduction of maintenance • Advancement in automation •

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GALA’S WORK WITH ENGINEERED RESINS . . . ala can offer pellet production systems suitable for processing Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU); Polyamides (PA); Polyesters (PET, PBT); Styrenics (ABS, SAN); Polycarbonate (PC); Polyoxymethylene (POM/Acetal); Fluoropolymers (PDVF, ECTFE, PTFE, FEP, PFA); Acrylic (PMMA); Polysulfones (PSU, PES); Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS); Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP); Polyphenylenoxide (PPO), Polyphenylene Ether (PPE); Phenoxy Resins, and/or combinations of these resins with high performance fiber reinforcements. Lab at Gala GmbH, Xanten, Germany Lab at Gala USA,...

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