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Centrifugal Dryers

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PELLET PROCESSING SYSTEMS FOR THE PLASTICS INDUSTRY dryer-86120.html">CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS © SEPTEMBER 2010 • GALA INDUSTRIES, INC. INSIdE ThIS BrochurE: • how a dryer Works • dryer Models • dryer components • Support • Technical Specifications BENEFITS Safety: • door timed interlocks • easy access • FEA designed Environmental: • clean operation • low noise emissions • low energy consumption Profitability: • suitable for various applications • minimum floor space • proven reliability Gala is the leading manufacturer of centrifugal dryers in the world. www.gala-industries.com • www.gala-europe.de

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GALA CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS hoW ThE cENTrIFuGAL drYEr WorKS The pellets emerging from the pelletizer cutting chamber are carried by the process water through piping to an agglomerate catcher at the inlet of the centrifugal dryer. The agglomerate catcher protects the dryer by removing larger pellet clusters (agglomerates) that may be produced during start-up before they enter the dryer rotor. EASY AccESS Red = Pellets Green = Air Blue = Water In dryers with water rates less than 20 m3/h, all the process water is separated inside the rotor section of the dryer. Larger systems are equipped with a...

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hIGh cAPAcITY SELF cLEANING Model 48.5 dW EcLN dryer Model 100 high capacity dryer Model 2008 Self-cleaning dryer Easy-Clean Low-Noise (ECLN) dryers are particularly easy to service and meet high demands on noise reduction. Gala has engineered a high capacity centrifugal dryer for continuous processes. Large resin producers are creating the need for higher capacity, continuous operation centrifugal dryers. By utilizing patented processes and innovative equipment designs, Gala has been able to manufacture a single centrifugal dryer with an output of more than 100 metric tons per hour,...

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DRYER COMPONENTS Careful selection and adaptation of the components of the Gala Centrifugal Dryer ensures optimum results and operator safety AGGLoMErATE cATchEr The agglomerate catcher is bolted to the dryer inlet and is designed to catch and discard oversized pellet clusters (agglomerates) before they enter the dryer rotor. Constructed of 304 stainless steel, the agglomerate catcher includes an inclined grate and a gasketed door for access for cleaning. It is manually operated or pneumatically actuated, depending on the size of the dryer and the system requirements. The agglomerate...

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drYEr ScrEENS The screens are an integral part of the centrifugal dryer and serve to retain the pellets in the rotor area as they travel up the rotor to the resin outlet. The surface moisture escapes through the screen openings and drains back into the process water tank. The type screen used depends on the product and specifications — from the typical perforated Perforated Screen used for screens used for most applimost dryer applications cations to special application screens such as Wedgewire for added strength and durability or Expando and ML (multilayer) screens primarily used for...

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TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS EASY AccESS drYEr Model Model 3032dW Easy Access Easy Access Models: The noise level of an Easy Access Dryer is 95 dBA or less at 1 meter processing 3 mm diameter x 3 mm long LDPE pellets and the buyer insulating the pellet outlet and air outlet lines. This can be reduced to 87 dBA or less with optional low noise modifications. (Please note that larger and/or harder pellets will adversely affect the noise level.) EASY cLEAN / LoW NoISE drYEr Model Easy clean Low Noise Models: The noise level of an Easy Clean Low Noise Dryer is 80 dBA or less at 1 meter processing 3...

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hIGh cAPAcITY drYEr Model SELF-cLEANING drYEr Model drying capacity kg/h (lbs/hr) 1.200 (2,600) 2.500 (5,500) Model 100 high capacity dryer Model 2016 Self cleaning Gala’s first centrifugal dryer, sold in 1969, repurchased and reconditioned by Gala in 2009 for 50th Anniversary celebration Model 2008 Self cleaning Solid rotor for Model 100 high capacity dryer www.gala-industries.com • www.gala-europe.de

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CENTRIFUGAL DRYERS Gala Industries, Inc. 181 Pauley Street, Eagle Rock, VA 24085 USA Tel: +1 540 884 2589 • Fax: +1 540 884 2310 www.gala-industries.com Gala Kunststoff- und Kautschukmaschinen GmbH Bruchweg 28-30, 46509 Xanten, Germany Tel: +49 (0) 2801 9800 • Fax: +49 (0) 2801 98010 www.gala-europe.de Gala Industries Asia Ltd. Amata City Ind. Est., 9/34 Moo 4, T.Mabyangporn A. Pluakdeang, Rayong 21140, Thailand Tel: +66 38 956 245 • Fax: +66 38 956 246 www.gala-industries.com Gala technology is protected, in whole or in part, by one or more issued U.S. and foreign patents, with other...

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