pig-cleaning technology (food stuffs-, beverage-, pharmaceutical- and cosmetic-industry) - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Pig-cleaning systems for food stuffs industry beverage industry pharmaceutical industry cosmetic industry

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Pig cleaning system – Your competitive advantage in the production process. KIESEL offers solutions for liquids and products with high viscosity. Sweets nad chocolate industry... This technique originated in mineral oil industry and today is applied in any industry that processes liquids and products with high viscosity as well as with a high rate of sediment creation. It is furthermore used for hardening and toxic products, pastes and powders, and in production processes that have frequent product change in pipes. Pastries industry... Food stuff industry... Meat product industry... A pig is a...

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KIESEL Pigging technology – a great advantage in piping • Product separation • Complete product retention, no mix • Transport of small amounts • Shortened cleaning times and reduced cleaning costs • Quality assurance reliable cleaning processes • Minimal environmental impact by a reduction Vielfältige Einsatzmöglichkeiten der Molchtechnik in der kosmetischen Industrie ... of water contamination • Extended reliability of production facilities • Avoidance of foam creation • Pipes can be left without any heating • Hardening or deposit creation can be avoided • Super simple handling from manual to...

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Kiesel pig launching and receiving station Nominal diameters DN 25 up to DN 200 Manually operated, automated stations For one- and two-pig-systems. Inline-pig-launching-station DN 40 up to DN 100 Manual and automatically operation Aseptic-pig-receiving-station DN 40 up to DN 100 with seat valve. KIESEL-ball valve, CIP cleanable Nominal diameters DN 15 up to DN 200 Manual operation, automatically operation with pneumatical drive. Product features: • smooth passages exactly fitted to the pipe diameters • radial removable • CIP-cleanable and rinsable • Expanded dead rooms between ball and housing...

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KIESEL pigable valve – technology Product features: • deadroom free product separation in the pigable pipeline • no residue inside the pigable system • top quality surfaces • CIP- and SIP-cleanable • pneumatic operation with integrated control system • easy maintenance • sealing made of NBR, EPDM, Viton, FEP-coated • nominal pressure PN 10 • bellow-sealing available The pigable seat valve is used as product inlet and –outlet in a pigging system. In the closed valve position all valve and pipe elements are aligned perfectly, deadroom free with smooth surfaces, to enable perfect pigging. By assembling...

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Pigable pipes and connections Pipes and bends DIN 11850 Line 1 Line 2 DIN 2430-1 ASME-BPE 1197 (2002) Formed components, bends, t-pieces Pipe connection: Aseptic flange polished DIN 2430-2 DIN 11864 Aseptic-clamp connection Aseptic-fitting Nominal diameter DN 25 up to DN 200 Materials: 14301 / 1.4307 / 304 L 1.4404 / 1.4571 / 316 L 1.4435 1.4539 Special material Cylindric pigs Product features: • compact form with 2 sealing lips • symmetric form for forward and backward running • very long life-cycle • magnet vulcanized inside the pig for easy detection of pig position • appropriate for one- and...

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Accessories for KIESEL pig cleaning systems Extraction of KIESELs large portfolio KIESEL Piggable loadingarm DN 50 to DN 125 Filling head for tank wagons piggable up to the last point of product outlet, DN 25 to DN 125 PLC for KIESEL pig cleaning systems Piggable valves with intelligent distribution boxes for bus termination. Control for simple pig cleaning systems up to complete computer based and visualized PLC‘s. . KIESEL Pig speed regulator A special facility for complete smooth and hitchless pigging with different viscosities, long piggable pipes and great elevation differences. NEW KIESEL...

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You are cordially invited to visit our modern production lines. Please make an appoint- ment to visit: a quick call is sufficient and we look forward to heaing from you - by the way, we also look forward to your visit to our homepage. Here, you can find out the latest information about new KIESEL deve- DiisseldorfZ Dortmund Aachen. ■KBIn Mannheim wiirznurg E-Mail info@kiesel-online.de Internet www.kiesel-online.de Bollinger Hole /

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