pig-cleaning technology (chemical-, colour coating- and petrochemical-industry) - 10 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Pig cleaning systems for chemical industry colour-coating industry petrochemical industry

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Pigging technology will gain you a cutting edge in the production process KIESEL creates solutions for liquids and highly viscous products A pig is a rubber part which cleans and completely empties pipe systems. It is pressed through the pipe by means of a propelling agent. An optimum cleaning quality can be achieved upon minimal propelling pressure. This process is called ‘pigging’. This technique originated in mineral oil industry and today is applied in any industry that processes liquids and products with high viscosity as well as with a high rate of sediment creation. It is furthermore used...

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KIESEL Pigging technology – a great advantage in piping • Product separation • Complete product retention, no mix • Transport of small amounts • Shortened cleaning times and reduced cleaning costs • Quality assurance reliable cleaning processes • Minimal environmental impact by a reduction of water contamination • Extended reliability of production facilities • Avoidance of foam creation • Pipes can be left without any heating • Hardening or deposit creation can be avoided • Super simple handling from manual to fully automated facilities • Sizes DN 25 thru DN 200 • Piping diameters DIN 11850 version...

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Pig cleaning system interaction This example shows the schematic structure of a pig cleaning system. With its exibility KIESEL pigging systems can be customized to all customer needs. Dualway pig switch 1 inlet, 2 outlets, 120° move, manual, automated. Pig speed regulator Constant pig speed trough uent regulation of propellant media. Sending stations Manual handling and fully automatical stations for single pig and double pigging system. Ball valve piggable as straight way or three way ball valve.

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Multiway pig switch 1 inlet vertical, 6 outlets horizontal, manual, automatical. Piston valves Dead space free check valve as product feeder. Straight way piston valve Dead space free check valve tting as product inlet ore outlet in a double pig system. Three way piston valve Dead space free outlet tting in single pig system. Receiving station Manual handling, fully automatical piggable in passage station for single and double pig system. Piggable loadingarm Advantages of pig cleaning systems up to tank wagon lling head.

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KIESEL Matrix-manifold KIESEL Matrix-manifold, piggable, allows for the distribution of an innite number of pipes to varied destinations such as mixing units, lling units and loading units. Pipes of different nominal widths from DN 50 thru DN 100 can be assembled to one manifold. This allows for great exibility with very little effort. The matrix-manifold has only one pneumatic actuator over a row of up to 50 inlet valves. This actuator works on a chain drive. It opens the source valve, which is closed by an automatic center punch. The small number of actuator cylinders contributes to minimizing...

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KIESEL Piston valves Piston valve Three way piston valve Straight way piston valve Cross piston valve KIESEL Piston valves have been developed as dead space minimizing and piggable valves for the chemical industry, as well as for paint, laquer and mineral industry. They are check units for product inlets and outlets. The passage width has been precisely adjusted to the pipe diameter according to DIN 2430-1. This results in perfect pig work and the ridding of all products deposits by the pig. They are manufactured in DN 25 thru DN 150. A pneumatic cylinder is the actuator. KIESEL Feeding stations KIESEL...

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KIESEL Ball valves, piggable KIESEL Pig switches, piggable Ball valve Three way ball valve KIESEL Ball valves, piggable, have been designed especially for pigging works. Balls and casings are manufactured from forged stainless steel. For smooth operation of the pig, the piggable passage width is precisely adjusted to the pipe diameter according to DIN 2430-1. Ball valves can be operated manually or acutomatically with pneumatic or electrical actuators. KIESEL Switch, piggable, comes with a small ball valve and PTFEjacket sealing.The design allows for great dead space reduction. They are manufactured...

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Accessories for KIESEL pig cleaning systems Extraction of KIESELs large portfolio KIESEL Piggable loadingarm DN 50 to DN 125 Filling head for tank wagons piggable up to the last point of product outlet, DN 25 to DN 125 PLC for KIESEL pig cleaning systems Piggable valves with intelligent distribution box for bus termination. Small steerings for easy pig cleaning systems up to complete PLC‘s on PC-base and visualization. KIESEL Pig speed regulator A special invention for complete equable and hitchless pigging procedure with different viskosities, long piggable pipes and high differences in altitude. st...

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You are cordially invited to visit our modern production lines. Please make an appoint- ment to visit: a quick call is sufficient and we look forward to hearing from you - by the way, we also look forward to your visit to our homepage. Here, you can find out the latest information about new KIESEL develop- Mannheim Wiirzburg Heilbronn -HeQensburg e-mail info@kiesel-online.de Internet www.kiesel-online.de

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