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CS – 4001/127 TMC – 4001/63 Capacity Test Equipment Manual G. Jost – electronic . Larstr. 55 . 53844 Troisdorf . Germany . www.battery-testing.

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We reserve the right to make alterations and changes in the said system and to make changes in the information included in this manual without notice. We do not accept responsibility for damages of any type occurring in the use of the test system and/or occurring due to the fact that employment purposes could not be performed. The manufacturer can, in no case, be held responsible for direct damages, indirect damages or subsequent damages which occur to the customer by employment or non-employment possibilities of the product. © Copyright – 2006, G. Jost – electronic, DE- Troisdorf. All Rights...

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1. Safety precautions Before you begin to deal more deeply with the device itself we would like to give you a few safety hints in advance. Please observe the respective DIN/VDE/EN/IEC/ANSI-guidelines, the rules and regulations for local operators and the instructions of the battery manufacturer. While preparing and performing a discharge/capacity test it may happen under certain circumstances that a cell/block can explode which can damage any equipment next to it and/or harm personnel. For that reason never run a discharge test unattended. Which means in return never run the discharge test equipment...

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Usage Measuring leads, Multi-cable Battery 1, total voltage Battery 1, current Temperature sensor 1 Battery 2, total voltage Battery 2, current Temperature sensor 2 Serial port to PC Serial port to TORKEL LED indication Unit is powered up Unit measures Data transmission in progress

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Connector C1 – C4 U I ALARM SER 1 SER 2 LED Red Yellow Green Usage Measuring leads, Multi-cable Battery, total voltage Battery, current Alarm output contact Serial port to PC Serial port to TORKEL LED indication Unit is powered up Unit measures Data transmission in progress

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4. Connection of the battery to CS/TMC-4001 Attention! The measuring cables must be connected to the TMC-4001 first, BEFORE being connected to the battery! 1) Power-up the CS/TMC-4001 and start the TMC95 or TMC4001-Light Software on your computer. Connect the first measuring cable (multi-cable) to the connector C1 of the CS/TMC-4001. Take the first crocodile–clamp (labelled with “1”) and connect it to the electrical minus pole of the battery. Continue connecting the remaining clamps in ascending order of numbering (from low voltage to high voltage) to the plus pole of each cell. If you need more...

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5. Removing the connections from CS/TMC-4001 First you must disconnect all crocodile-clamps from the battery. Next you can remove the connections C1 to C8 from CS/TMC-4001. You must not switch off the CS/TMC-4001 before all connections are removed from the battery. 6. Technical Data No. of measuring inputs Cell/Block voltage Total voltage Current Temperature Accuracy Input Cell/Block voltage Total voltage Current (shunt-voltage) 600V CAT II Measuring multi-cables If not otherwise specified (when ordering), CS/TMC-4001 instruments are equipped with standard measuring multi-cables (Type MKB16/250)...

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7. Trouble shooting You may have the USB-cable connected to the device, before the CS-4001 has been powered up. Remove the USB-cable and power up the CS-4001 again. You have MISCONNECTED the battery to All measuring cables are connected, but CS/TMC4001. Make sure that the first measuring when scanning only about –0.100V or cable (Connector C1) is ALWAYS connected to the negative voltages are displayed. electrical minus pole of the battery. In the test data you’ve entered wrong limits for the All measuring cables are connected, but cell voltage. CS/TMC4001 has two cell voltage when scanning only...

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8. The new DISPLAY PANEL The CS-4001/127 is equipped with our new LINUX board with TFT-Display and advanced communication facilities. The menu functions can be selected by turning the rotary button. The selected function is activated by pushing down the rotary button. The full function of this user interface will be implemented with our new CS-Manager software, which will be available around October 2006. Please use at the moment the “REMOTE SERIAL” function under: START MEASUREMENT -> STAND ALONE -> REMOTE SERIAL

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