WiMAX 802.16-2004 SoC fact sheet - 2 Pages

February 2007
WiMAX 802.16-2004 SoC
Memory Controller
« SoC, MBS7M3550, si
Fujitsu has developed 1 nisi-el fee live. Inllv integrated MAC and PHY mixed signal ba-eband processor for broadband wireless access applications. This SoC is designed lo snp|xm fret|ueneics ranging from 2 10 11GHz in botli licenced and licence-exempt bands, ll supports all available bandwidlhs from 1.75MHz to 20MHz. The Fujitsu WiMAX"' SoC can be configured lo be used in both base slalion and subscriber station applications.
Two Fujitsu WiMAX SoCs work together to implement full-duplex FDD applications. The SoC can also work with an external processor to enhance perlormance in demanding base-staiiun application^.
f bghly ellicient adaptive niodnlniion schemes, including G4QAM, I6QAM, QPSK and BPSK, are supported by this SoC. The SoC's dala rale can go up lo 7 JMIijis when applying the 64QAM modulation in a 20MHz channel and using all 192 sub-carriers. Uplink sub-channeli-alion is also supported as delineil in ihe slandaid. Performance enhancement can be realised with the dual RISC engines embedded into the SoC. These two processors not only easily handle die essential
liinclnnl- Hi a11: ,i 11 In llie WiMAX s|irc:iic.......Inn alsn allou
addaninal liradinoni I ■: r handle n>c:-n| )| ilical i< i:i - :■!'v. ,:i. .
• Fully compliant with IEEE 802.16-2004 standard
• Slip| lores I ml 11 subscriber station and base Mali, in lor TDD
or FDD applications
■ Integrated 256 OFDM PHY with 64QAM, 16QAM and OJ'SK modulation
■ Uplink suIi-charnicligation
• Flexible baseband iulrrlai r v. 11 nl ;i;ii,i| lii-jli-
perlbrmam-c ADC and DAC
■ Automatic Frequency Control (AFC) with integrated DAC
■ Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) with integrated ADC
• Integra led AD( ■ lor transmit anil receive power
• Security implements!
eiien. pi ion/decryption
• Dual RISC processors Ibr implementing upper & lower
layer MAC
• Integra led шпини и unrulier .nul DMA i un i mill ■]■
• Integrated Fibernei engine lor network interlace
• Rich set of integrated peripheral- and RFcontrol
■ l*i4) gran mi able ACC lor supporting broad range of RF
WiMAX 802.16-2004 SoC fact sheet
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    FUJITSU factsheet MB87M3550 HE POSSIBILITIES ABE INFINITE TDD or HDX FDD Referenn ■ Compliant wilh II.: I....
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