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FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving fiberhome Laser marking machine The fiberhome protection housing is designed s a laser protection class 1 table top model. Ether fiber laser DP10F or DP20F can be fitted, as re quired. The manually operated unit is suitable for processing single parts and small s⮩ries. dvantages ■ Compact construction ■ Processing area 420 x 320 [mm] ■ Motor-driven Z axis with 250 mm slroke ■ With illumination, integrated cam)ra and vacuuming connection as standard fib«rhofne FOBA

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fiberhome Laser marking machine Working area Load Processing area Marking field Marlinq speed Line width Z-axs (focus) Vacuuming connection Illumination Camra Laser Wortepieces up to 20 kg 420 x J20 [mm| 110x110 mm" (f=l60mm) up to 5000 mm/s up to 500 characters/s lypkaJ 50 u*n 250 mm DPlf DP20F Laser type Power <QS) Power slability Puise frequency Puise energy Puise width Control Pulsed Yb Fiber Laser, 1060-1070 nm, diode pumped typica!9 W typkal 18 W (20 kHz) (20 kHz) */- 2,5 % 20* 100kK2 0.45 m| (20 kHz) 0,9 m| (20 kHz) 110m(20 kHz) PC Operating System Laser control Interfaces Options CompactPCI-PC...

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