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Laser Marking + Engraving Solutions Laser atyour service FOBA DP10GS Artikelnr: 108000 Senennr: 1008001 27 08.10 Fobpqraf FGUtffll-045 ^ *.2.돎01 FobaMarl* Version 11.4b vftn 42.201 Fc*omoi^PC 1-47 wm4 2.JCI Laserview 1,40 «an* 4,2.20 DewceDriver 1 56 yom 4 2 2r>' Highly efficient marking laser for brilliant grayscale marks >»»»FBA» toۮerofjrourjervice The end-pumped Vanadate grayscale marking laser DP10GS (Nd:YVO4) is synonymous with first-class laser beam quality and excellent laser power. Preferred areas of application are in the ID and personalization sectors (personalization of highly sensitive cards, badges and passports; especially marking ID cards with grayscale images) as well as in the automotive in-dustry (lacquer/coating removal to produce day/night designs). FOBA's DP10GS is also used for engraving metal parts and materials. The air-cooled grayscale marking laser convinces with outstanding laser properties, fast mar-kings and uncompromising marking quality. Its compact design allows smooth integration in both automation lines and FOBA machines. Your product benefits - Excellent laser beam quality -ח Bestpulsetopulsestability  Brilliantmarkingquality ח Low-maintenance and high efficiency due to long-life laser diodes  Low operating costs due to efficient air-cooling Laser marked ID card with exemplary marking contents; Automotive day/night design element (with the kind per׭mission of Preh GmbH)

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Laser atyour service FOBA DP10GS Technical Data Marking features Speed* Line width Up to 5,000 mm/s, up to 500 characters/s Typically 55 pm -7 f=420mm s- 290x290mm f=254mm 185x185 mm f=160mm 110x110 f=100mm / \ \ 70x70 mm f=56mm / f=163mm _s 25x25mm 120x120mm t_ Laser Type Nd:YVO4 (Vanadat), diode-pumped Wavelength 1,064 nm Laser class 4 (according to DIN EN 60825-1:2008-05) Laser power CW: typically 10 W QS: typically 10 kW/pulse (30kHz) Power stability +/- 1 % (CW), +/- 1.5 % (QS) Operating mode Continuous wave operation (CW) Q-switched (QS, 10 kHz - 100 kHz) Pulse energy 0.5 mJ (10 kHz) Pulse...

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