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Catalogue excerpts

M2000-/M3000-R Automated rotary table workstation for all round more throughput The M-Series is FOBA's new generation of advanced laser marking workstations for the precise and economic processing of small, large and geometrically complex workpieces as well as small and large batches of parts. The M-Series is available in two sizes (M2000, M3000) and three model options each (B: with worktable, R: with turntable, P: X/Y/Z/rotary axis). The laser marking workstations M2000-R and M3000-R are equipped with a programmable Z-axis and a two position rotary table. The automated rotary table workstations are perfect for marking all kinds of serial parts such as day/night design parts for vehicle interiors, metal components, tools or medical products and devices such as implants or surgical instruments. Speedometer rings (Fremach Morava s.r.o., Czech Republic): color removal on plastic; Surgical blade (stainless steel): color change/annealing

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FOBA M2000-/M3000-R Laser marking workstations The R models of the M-Series: Programmable Z-axis, high-throughput rotary table For precision and process reliability: Rigid workstation, intelligent imaging With a R model of the M-Series' laser marking workstations, workpieces are loaded and unloaded while the next part is already being processed. Loading times have hardly any influence on machine productivity. This consistent prevention of costly non-productive times pays off – especially when high quantities are manufactured. The robust construction of the workstation ensures a fail-safe laser...

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FOBA M2000-/M3000-R Laser marking workstations More flexibility for individual processes More productivity for higher throughputs More ergonomics for maximum ease of use The M-Series adapts to the customer's laser process and not vice versa. The workstation provides the flexibility that is needed to design, extend, ensure and implement these laser processes. With the 2 position rotary table workstations idle times are avoided, and production throughputs are increased. While parts are loaded to one position of the table, products are marked in the other position. Designed for both standing and...

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FOBA M2000-/M3000-R Laser marking workstations Technical Data Dimensioned Drawings Available laser systems 2 position rotary table, Z-axis (590 mm), turning bulkhead wall 2 station rotary table, Z-axis (590 mm), turning bulkhead wall User interfaces Laser marking software FOBA MarkUS Programmable Z-axis → Travel 350 mm → Travel speed 25 mm/s (1.5 m/min) Programmable Z-axis → Travel 350 mm → Travel speed 25 mm/s (1.5 m/min) Rotary table 2 station rotary table, Ø 670 mm Rotary time (180°) = 1.2 sec. 2 station rotary table, Ø 950 mm Rotary time (180°) = 1.7 sec. Max. workpiece size (W x D x H, mm) H=200,...

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Top: M2000-R Center: M3000-R Bottom: → M2000-R height adjustment range (minimum and highest position) → M3000-R height adjustment range (minimum and highest position) © 2014 ALLTEC GmbH – All rights reserved. Specification subject to change without notice. M2000-/3000-R_EN_11.14 LASER KLASSE 4 LASER CLASS 4 Your local agency: ALLTEC GmbH An der Trave 27-31 23923 Selmsdorf | Germany T + 49 38823 55-0 F + 49 38823 55-222 |

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